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Developer Note 6/27/18

Hi all, once again my life is a bit busy. Job changes in the household have put me on babysitting duty for a large amount of my afterwork time. I'll be pushing out a 1.7.1 here soon with minor changes and bug fixes, however a major release will still be a bit away. I'll be shifting the main focus to a redesign to be more user friendly for the next update since that's still a complaint. Thank you all for your patience!


Work, Play, Stream - Without the Stutter. Download Under Releases


What is NotCPUCores?

NotCPUCores is a GUI for quick CPU Resource Assignment and Priority adjustment, along with other minor tweaks. A lot of similar snake oil marketed Non-Free alternatives exist that like to call themselves names such as "Game Booster", "FPS Booster", "System Stabilizer", "Process Tweaker", "Game Tweaker" among other terms we don't like. We will not market ourselves as such. NotCPUCores does the same or similar tweaks compared to non-free alternatives as well as providing additional features

Is it worth using NotCPUCores/CPUCores/(Insert Other Optimizer/Booster Here)?

All these "optimizers" do simple tweaks that you yourself can do, so probably not; You DEFINITELY should NOT be forced to pay money for it. You MAY see marginal returns, slightly better stability of FPS, but also more battery usage. There is SIMPLY NO REPLACEMENT for doing a hardware upgrade.

How does it work? / Getting the Benefits without Installing / Etc

Visit the FAQ Page

This program is free and open source. Feel free to download and modify. Please do not sell exact copies.