Community maintained version of FCollada, formerly developed by Feeling Software
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This is FCollada, originally developed by Feeling Software before being discontinued.

It is based on FCollada FREE 3.05B, which was released under the MIT license. I've since fixed various compilation issues and added CMakeLists.txt files.

Tested on Linux and on MSVC 2015. For now, stick to Debug mode on Linux, since Release mode produces linker errors I have yet to look into.

Package Contents


These are external, open-source libraries. Please see the specific folders for the copyright and licensing information on each external library.


This is an empty folder. You will need to download the static library version of FCollada and unzip it in this folder for the samples to compile.


This is the repository for the sample COLLADA conditioners written using the FCollada library.

Unless noted otherwise in the source code, these samples are Copyright (c) 2006 Feeling Software Inc. and released under the MIT license:


This is an extremely simple command-line tool that will open a COLLADA document and output the errors/warnings that FCollada found.

While it is simple: it makes for a great starting point for the more complex conditioners that you will be writing.


This conditioner processes all the images in a COLLADA document:

  • Removes duplicate instances in the image library.
  • Opens the image files, ensures that they are power-of-2 images, generates their mip-maps and writes them out as DDS image files.

This condition processes all the geometries in a COLLADA document:

  • Triangulates them for faster renders in the Feeling Viewer.
  • Generates texture tangents and binormals for the first texture coordinate channels.