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The source files for this guide use asciidoc syntax and the project is configured to build with Antora. To review and suggest changes, we recommend building the HTML files locally.

Building the guide locally

To build this guide locally, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the steps to install Antora that are described here:

  2. Run npm install -g asciidoc-link-check

  3. Optional, to build with search enabled: Add the antora-lunr integration: by following the readme steps outlined in the Generate an index file section only. You do not need to enable search in the UI.

  4. Clone locally

The command for building without search: ` antora playbook.yml `

The command for building with search enabled:

` DOCSEARCH_ENABLED=true DOCSEARCH_ENGINE=lunr NODE_PATH="$(npm -g root)" antora --generator antora-site-generator-lunr playbook.yml `

For reference

Antora is built on top of Asciidoctor. One of the main differences between Asciidoctor and Antora is that Antora requires a specfic directory structure. If you are new to Antora and asciidoc, the following references might be helpful: