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React 18 is now in beta #112

acdlite announced in Announcement
React 18 is now in beta #112
Nov 15, 2021 · 0 comments

Nov 15, 2021

Thanks to the incredible efforts of the React 18 Working Group, we're bumping the release from Alpha to Beta!

In the past few months, we've landed several significant improvements to the release. Here are a few of them:

Each of these new APIs were based on extensive feedback and iteration by members of this group. Thank you so much to all our contributors.

We've also worked closely with libraries like Redux, Next.js, and React Testing Library to ensure a smooth upgrade path for developers. We will continue this work during the beta period.

At this point, we believe React 18 is feature complete. We don't anticipate any additional new APIs before the final release.

Much of our remaining work consists of documentation and other quality-of-life improvements, like better error messages.

Whether you work on a library or a user-facing application, we'd love for you to try the React 18 Beta and tell us your experience.

While we believe it is stable enough to test in production (we've been doing this for months), it is still pre-release software and may be subject to change pending further feedback from testers.


The installation instructions are the same as for the alpha, except releases are now tagged with @beta instead of @alpha.


npm install react@beta react-dom@beta


yarn add react@beta react-dom@beta

Compatible libraries

We've started collecting a list of React 18 compatible libraries here: #113


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