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Jeff0S commented Jul 8, 2014

From vargagab...@gmail.com on May 27, 2014 22:43:25

i drop in 4 variations (oneshot samples) of a snare for eg, implode them into a multitaked item and copy this thru the song. then i want "random round robin", so i run "select takes in selected items, shuffled random"

it changes the contents, but it repeats the same 1+ times, and sometimes there is no take1 (or other) selected at all in 32 copies.

its nearly the same with CUEs, not really giving non repetitive shuffled random content.

the expected output would be varitions of content that never repeats 1+ times.

latest beta build, 2.4.0 #9

Reaper v4.62rc3, x32


thank you!

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/sws-extension/issues/detail?id=645

Jeff0S commented Jul 8, 2014

From wol...@gmail.com on June 30, 2014 16:12:30

Fixed for next pre-release.

Owner: wol...@gmail.com

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