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Formal args of parametrized macros are not constrained to (non key-)words #288

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It is possibe to use reserved keywords as args. It is also possible to specifiy other literals (numbers, strings) as args, but these are ignored in the arg list and used literally in the body, without warning.

#define a(b not) [b + not] print a(1 2) ; prints 3

#define a(b 5) [b + 5] print a(1 2) ; prints 6, not 3

#define a(b "c") [b + "c"] print a(1 2) ; error in code-generation (adding an integer to a string)
Red Programming Language member

Good catch, again!

Red Programming Language member

A proper loader error is now raised.

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…s are not constrained to (non key-)words)
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