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This library is still under heavy development as it is being built alongside the macOS app Quids. Expect breaking changes!


github "reddavis/Coinbase"

Token Swap Service

The library requires the use of a token swap service so that you don't need to store your application's secret key in the app. Here is a list of open sourced services you can use:



let exchangeCodeURL = URL(string: "")!
let refreshTokenURL = URL(string: "")!
self.coinbaseAPIClient = CoinbaseAPIClient(clientID: "abc", exchangeCodeURL: exchangeCodeURL, refreshTokenURL: refreshTokenURL, authStore: authStore)

Storing Credentials

The library gives you the flexibility of how you store the oAuth credentials. You will need to implement a class that conforms to the CoinbaseAPIClientAuthStore protocol. var isAuthenticated, var hasExpired and func delete() all have default implementations, so you will only need to implement var auth.

The library will handle the refreshing of tokens.

public protocol CoinbaseAPIClientAuthStore: class
    var auth: CoinbaseAPIClient.Auth? { get set }
    var isAuthenticated: Bool { get }
    var hasExpired: Bool { get }
    func delete()

public extension CoinbaseAPIClientAuthStore
    public var isAuthenticated: Bool {
        return self.auth != nil
    public var hasExpired: Bool {
        guard let unwrappedAuth = self.auth else
            return true
        return unwrappedAuth.expiresAt < Date()
    public func delete()
        self.auth = nil


Firstly you need to initialize the auth flow:

let scopes: [CoinbaseAPIClient.Scope] = [
    .createTransactions(sendLimit: 1.0, currencyCode: "USD", period: .day)

let url = self.coinbaseAPIClient.authorizeURL(scopes: scopes)

Then you need to get the oAuth token:

self.coinbaseAPIClient.authenticate(code: code) { (success, error) in
    self.authCompletionHandler?(success, error)


Only a few requests are currently supported, more will be added as we add features to Quids.

public func fetchAccounts(_ completionHandler: @escaping (_ accounts: [Account]?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func fetchTransactions(accountID: String, pagination: Pagination?, completionHandler: @escaping (_ transactions: [Transaction]?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func fetchCurrentUser(_ completionHandler: @escaping (_ user: User?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func updateCurrentUser(edits: UserEdits, completionHandler: @escaping (_ user: User?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func createAddress(accountID: String, completionHandler: @escaping (_ address: Address?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func fetchExchangeRates(baseCurrencyCode: String, completionHandler: @escaping (_ exchangeRate: ExchangeRate?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func fetchPaymentMethods(_ completionHandler: @escaping (_ paymentMethods: [PaymentMethod]?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func place(buyOrder: BuySellOrder, for account: String, completionHandler: @escaping (_ buy: Buy?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)
public func place(sellOrder: BuySellOrder, for account: String, completionHandler: @escaping (_ sell: Sell?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)


MIT License.