reddit's python service framework
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cshoe Automate PyPI Release (#195)
These creds are just for demonstration purposes. If there is an
organizational PyPI account to use or if one of the listed Baseplate
maintainers wants to supply theirs, let's talk!

The hope here is to do smaller incremental releases and publish them to
PyPI. This would allow Reddit projects that are using wheels to make use
of new functionality and bug fixes before doing a fleetwide release.

@spladug, any help you could lend with the credentials would be much
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Baseplate is a library to build services on. Its goal is to provide all the common things a service needs with as few surprises as possible, including:

  • compatibility with Python 2.7 and Python 3.4+
  • transparent diagnostic information collection (metrics, tracing, logging)
  • configuration parsing
  • gevent-based Thrift and WSGI servers meant to run under Einhorn
  • and various helper libraries like a Thrift client pool

Read the full docs.