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What is this?

This is an ever evolving, battle tested and marginally opinionated python coding guideline that is currently being enforced at my company ShopUp. Primarily, it is an attempt to document some of the implicit lessons and good practices that we have picked up while writing, maintaining and documenting python code in production. You may not agree with all the conventions mentioned here but other than the style guide where everyone has different ideas about how code should be formatted, the conventions mentioned here are almost universally accepted as good practices by the python community. The aim is not to have a strict guideline that is imposed upon every codebase, rather it exists to provide a baseline and reduce unnecessary cognitive overload that arises from disagreements during internal code reviews. The guideline is divided into three major segments.

Styling Guideline: A mashup of simplified pep8, pep257 and a few tools for styling automation

Coding Guideline: Conventions, best practices and design patterns

Documentation Guideline: An attempt to streamline API documentation


Read the guideline here.


Contribution Instructions

Fork the repo
Go to docs/
Make your edit, push to a new branch & send a pull request


Opinionated coding guidelines and best practices in Python








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