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JSON-C wrapper

This is the sources repository for

This extension was created to be a drop-in alternative to the standard PHP 5 json extension, because of the licensing concerns over the JSON parser code used as part of the standard PHP json extension. See PHP bug #63520

As PHP 7 have a new ext/json extension, which is free, this extension will not be made comptible, and won't be available for PHP 7.

json_encode is the same than current PHP one.

json_decode use the json-c library and is mostly compatible.

A new option JSON_PARSER_NOTSTRICT allow to reduce parser strictness

  • integer could start with zero
  • string can be single or double-quoted
  • comments are allowed in json string/files (Using /* */ or // until end of line)
  • ignore trailing char after data
  • no check for invalid UTF-8 characters

Also provide a new incremental parser object:

$parser = new JsonIncrementalParser();
$fic = fopen("somefile.json", "r");
do {
	$buf = fgets($fic);
	$ret = $parser->parse($buf);
} while ($buf && ($ret==JsonIncrementalParser::JSON_PARSER_CONTINUE));
$result = $parser->get();

or, even simpler:

$ret = $parser->parseFile("somefile.json");
$result = $parser->get();

Debian DEB available, since Jessie for PHP 5.5

Fedora RPM are available in official repo, since Fedora 19

Ubuntu DEB available, since Saucy for PHP 5.5

Fedora RPM are available in remi repo

Windows build are available

Merged PR in upstream json-c library (release pending)

Pending PR in upstream json-c library

  • none

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. -- Albert Einstein

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