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A Gradle Plugin to compile WASM to JVM easily
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WASM-on-JVM Gradle Plugin

This is a Gradle Plugin that lets Java developers use Web Assembly (WASM) in their project with minimal friction, whether it's WASM text files written by hand, or binaries compiled with WASM compilers.

Compilation from WASM to JVM bytecode is performed by the cretz/asmble project.

How to use

Apply this plugin to your Gradle project:

plugins {
    id 'com.athaydes.wasm'

Add .wasm (binary) or wast (text) WASM files to the src/main/wasm directory.

Compile them with gradle compileWasm.

Use the generated classes in your Java code.

Compile everything and run it!


Optionally, you can configure how the WASM Plugin behaves:

wasm {
    // where to find wasm files
    // (this value is the default, so omit if you don't want to change it)
    sourceDir = file('src/main/wasm')

    // this is used as the top-level package name for this project.
    packageName = 'org.mypkg'

    // mappings between WASM file names and desired Java class names.
    // By default, WASM files are compiled into Java classes with the same name as the files,
    // without their extension.
    classNameByFile = [
            'add.wasm': 'WasmAdder'


See the hello-world example to get started real quick!

And the C-to-WASM-to-JVM example for more advanced usage, such as compiling C files to WASM, then using them from Java or other JVM languages, and running it with a single, fat jar.

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