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RX72N Envision Kit bootloader/demos based on Amazon FreeRTOS, please visit to wiki for more info:


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RX72N Envision Kit bootloader/demos based on Amazon FreeRTOS

RX72N Envision Kit product page (User's Manual, Schematics, How to buy, etc)

rx72n-envision-kit wiki (Quick Start Guide, etc)

Board Introduction @ YouTube / ボード紹介動画 @ YouTube

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  • Please use git clone when you would try a debug with e2 studio.

elements14: Renesas RX72N Envision Kit - Review

Tracealyzer demo on RX72N Envision Kit

    1. 0:00-0:08: Start: RX72N(includes Tracealyzer Recoder) connects to PC(Tracealyzer), PC can display the detailed RX72N internal status related on FreeRTOS.
    1. 0:08-0:10: AWS IoT Core connection: RX72N Envision Kit connected to AWS IoT Core. CPU usage (upper-center window) indicates 100% for TLS connection establishing to AWS IoT Core connection.
    1. 0:25-0:30: Change demo to Firmware Update from SD Card: Push "next" button to change demo display.
    1. 0:30-0:48: Firmware Update from SD Card Demo: Push "update" button to start firmware update. Flash self-programing (Target flash memory size is 2MB) and SD card reading are occuring and these behaviour can be monitored through Tracealyzer.