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reqT: Requirements => Code

reqT is a free requirements modelling tool for software developers. With reqT you can model, analyse and visualize your system requirements and test specifications using a powerful DSL embedded in Scala.

For more information see

How to run reqT

  • Download reqT.jar

  • Launch reqT with this command:

      java -jar reqT.jar

How to build reqT from code

  1. Install Scala the latest 2.12.x from the Scala homepage
  2. Download this zip and extract all files in some directory.
  3. Run the appropriate custom build script among the extracted files (better read it first to check what it does):
    • On Windows, run in cmd: build.cmd
    • On Linux/Mac, run in terminal: ./
  4. Run the generated jar with java -jar reqT.jar

How to change the reqT metamodel

The metamodel of reqT is written in reqT here and is used to generate the concrete case classes in the reqT Scala DSL as shown here. If you change the metamodel you need to first recompile reqT and then generate a new GENERATED-metamodel.scala and then recompile again. All this is done by the provided meta-build script.

If you want the syntax coloring in the reqT gui editor to be updated in line with your new metamodel you also need to update reqT-syntax as described here.


The creators and users of reqT sincerely thank all the contributors of the following open source libraries (licences):

  • Scala used for embedded DSL construction and more
  • JaCoP used for constraint solving
  • RSyntaxTextArea used for syntax coloring
  • Autocomplete used for autocompletion
  • jLine used for the reqT command line interface