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Peering Manager

When you start to peer a lot on different Internet exchange points, managing all you sessions can be time consuming.

In order to make peering management less difficult, it needs to be organized and documented. This is the goal of this project.

The idea is to document every Internet exchange points that you are connected to and every autonomous systems that you are peering with.

Questions? Comments? Join us in the #peering-manager Slack channel on NetworkToCode.


This tool is written with the Django framework and requires Python with some dependencies to run. For a complete list of requirements, see requirements.txt.

It is built against Python 3 versions. Tested versions are 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

The best way to start setting up this tool is to use pip within a virtualenv.

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Please see the documentation for instructions on installing Peering Manager.

No database setup is provided for now. This code has only been tested with an SQLite database.


You can help this project in many ways. Of course you can ask for features, give some ideas for future development, open issues if you found any and contribute to the code with pull requests and patches.

You can also support the development of this project by donating some money. Developing such project can be time consuming and it is done on personal time. Giving few dollars/euros/pounds/etc... can be a way to say thanks and help to free some time to develop this project.

Spreading The Word

RIPE76 Peering Manager - Easing Peering Sessions Management by Guillaume Mazoyer