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RetroFW Firmware releases
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RetroFW is the currently supported custom firmware for the Retro Game and LDK devices. It allows you to play a wide variety of consoles/computers thanks to numerous emulators available to it as well some ports of games.


Download Stars

Setup & Info

  • Check the installation guide in our wiki here
  • Check the version details history in our changelog here
  • Join our Discord chat server for more support here


The next list is all IPK (Install Package) available for RetroFW usage.


Download Description Dev / Port by
GMenuNX SDL frontend and launcher @pingflood
PyMenu Python frontend and launcher @JackD83
Commander File manager @jbanes
Glutexto Text editor @jbanes
gnash Gnash @gameblabla
lgpt LittleGPTracker @gameblabla
o2xiv o2xiv - Image Viewer @scooterpsu


Download Description Dev / Port by
BattLog Log battery discharge profile @pingflood
IO Tester Input/output tester for the RetroGame @pingflood
PixMassage Try to fix LCD stuck pixel @pingflood
GPmark Graphics benchmark @pingflood


Download System Dev / Port by
colem ColecoVision @pingflood
dingux-2600 Atari 2600 @pingflood
dingux-atari Atari 800 @pingflood
dingux-cap32 Amstrad CPC @pingflood
dingux-msx MSX @pingflood
dosbox DOSBox - MS-DOS Emulator @jbanes
fba-a320 FB Alpha - Arcade and Console - A320 version @pingflood
fbasdl FB Alpha - Arcade and Console - GCW0 version @pingflood
fceux NES @pingflood
gpsp Game Boy Advance @pingflood
gambatte Game Boy / Game Boy Color @hi-ban
handy Atari Lynx @gameblabla
jzintv Intellivision @pingflood
mame4all MAME / Arcade @bopbopbopbop
openbor Open BOR @retromsx
oswan WonderSwan @gameblabla
pcsx4all Playstation (PSOne) @gameblabla
picodrive Mega Drive / Sega CD / Master System / Game Gear @pingflood
pocketsnes Super NES @pingflood
pokemini PokéMini @pingflood
prosystem-od Atari 7800 @pingflood
race-od Neo Geo Pocket @pingflood
scummvm ScummVM @retromsx
sms_sdl Master System / Game Gear @gameblabla
speccy ZX Spectrum @pingflood
temper PC-Engine @gameblabla
uae4all Amiga @pingflood
vice Commodore 64 @gameblabla


Download Title Dev / Port by
abbaye l'Abbaye des Morts @gameblabla
apricots Apricots @pingflood
arkanoid Arkanoid @pingflood
blockout2 BlockOut 2 @pingflood
cannonball The Enhanced OutRun Engine @gameblabla
cavestory Cave Story @pingflood
chocolate-doom Chocolate Doom @gameblabla
eduke32 Eduke32 (Duke Nukem 3D) @pingflood
ganbare Ganbare-Natsukisan @gameblabla
hcl Hydra Castle Labyrinth @pingflood
homingfever Homing Fever @pingflood
jinyoung Jin Yong Legend (Chinese game) @guangmingwan
just4qix Just4Qix @pingflood
liero Liero @pingflood
meritous Meritous @pingflood
mrdrillux Mr Drillux @jbanes
kof KOF Flames Of Courage @steward-fu
opentyrian Open Tyrian @gameblabla
pang Pang @pingflood
profanation Profanation Deluxe @pingflood
quake Quake @gameblabla
quake2 Quake 2 @gameblabla
REminiscence REminiscence @scooterpsu
rockbot Rockbot @pingflood
rott Rise Of The Triad @scooterpsu
sorr Streets of Rage Remake @steward-fu
shifty Shifty-Pills @pingflood
smw Super Mario War @pingflood
spout Spout @pingflood
srb2 Sonic Robo Blast 2 @pingflood
stransball2 Super Transball 2 @pingflood
tileworld Tile World @pingflood
wolf3d Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny @scooterpsu
zelda_roth The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian @pingflood
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