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Welcome to the Snappy-Reprap wiki!

A cheap, snap-together, nearly screw-less self-replicating 3D printer (reprap) design that minimizes use of non-printed parts. Current parts cost: under $275! That's including the cost of plastic used to print the parts.

Project Status


2018-02-02 Snappy 3.0 is now a verified working design! I'm currently printing parts on it to test self-replication now.


2018-01-10 Checked in initial design for Snappy 3.0. Changes to a lifter rod design with bottom mounted motors for less weight on the bridge, and less wobble in the Z axis.


2017-05-16 Renamed v1.5 to v2.0 to reflect the major changes in the design. This design is nearing finalization.


2017-04-06 Successful first live test of the new Z axis work screw lifter system! Snappy-RepRap Printing Printer Parts


2017-03-29 I was inspired and figured out how to get rid of the two metal lifter rods on the Snappy. Snappy v1.5 is now under development with a new Z-axis design. Here's a sneak preview: New Z Axis Preview


2017-03-18 Just found out (by Google search) that the Snappy 3D printer made it into the 2017 Guiness Book of World Records as the "Most 3D-printed 3D Printer." Google Books reference



Here's video of the Snappy 1.1c in action!

Snappy-RepRap Printing Printer Parts

And photos of the some parts printed on it:

Snappy Printed Parts 1 Snappy Printed Parts 2



Tweaking the rails and sliders has resulted in good improvements to motion smootheness. Win!

The direct-drive Z axis, however, has not worked out. I've tried a number of variations on it, to no success. I've not been able to get this working, so I regretfully am reverting back to using lifter rods. So much fail!

On the plus side, going back to the lifter rods makes it work again, and we're still under $300.



Currently undergoing tweaks to improve accuracy and print quality. Lots of iterative improvements.

The entire design, as it exists on github at the moment, is almost entirely screw-less. The only remaining screws are two M2.5 screws to hold the Z limit switch, a pair of ACME threaded lifter rods, and the screws holding the stepper motors and extruder hot-end together.

It occurs to me that since I am using two motors for the Z axis anyways, I may be able to remove the lifter rods, and use direct rack-and-pinion drive.

The extruder is now completely printable in PLA!

Extruder Top Extruder Bottom

Here's the a photo of the full build so far.

Full Printer 3



It's Alive! Mwahahahaha!

Snappy-RepRap Printing Printer Parts



Success! I was able to get clean full motion from the dual tower design. Now if only my extruder weren't clogged.

Dual Tower Photo



New design uses two lifter rods and two rails for the Z axis instead of the previous single-sided cantilever design. Hopefully this will eliminate most of the wobble.



The direct drive design for the Z axis did not work at all. Gearing down the Z axis seems like a very error prone design, upon further thought. Back to the drawing board.



I've assembled a prototype Snappy RepRep, and was able to run it through some motion tests. It works! Mostly. The Z axis wobbles a hell of a lot with the lifter screw, so I'm abandoning that design, and will try a direct drive approach. I was able to turn the printer on it's side, and it was still able to drive the X and Y axes against gravity, so I think that should work for the Z axis as well. If tests prove otherwise, I can always try gearing down the Z Axis.

Snappy-RepRap Prototype Motion Test



The eponymous snap joiners have been tested under fire! They take a fair bit of pressure to get to snap into place, but can be joined by hand. For this test, I connected three Z platforms together and put a hefty weight on the end. Once attached, they were solidly together, and didn't even wiggle. Given that the rail parts used for the extruder cantilever have even larger/stronger joiners, and fewer joints are needed, I no longer worry about it holding up!

Joiner Test Image



The X/Y slider got it's first motorized test, and it's a success!

Snappy-Reprap Slider Test

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