Lightweight dataflow Java library. Includes Actors and asynchronous I/O requests.
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Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability. - Edsger W. Dijkstra

df4j is a compact dataflow actor library. It can easily be extended for specific needs.

The primary goal is to provide means to synchronize task submissions to a thread pool. Tasks can be treated as procedures with parameters, values of that parameters are calculated asynchronously and concurrently in other tasks. The library provides all the nessessary synchronization, so programmer need not use the synchronized operator or ReentranLocks. When all parameters are computed, the task is submitted to the executor. When a task executes, it calculates and passes actual parameters to other tasks, which eventually causes their execution. After task finishes, it can run again after new set of parameters is supplied. So the tasks form a directed and, probably, cyclic graph where the tasks are nodes and parameter assignments are arcs. This graph is named dataflow graph.

Look at the documentation at

See examples and test directories for various custom-made dataflow objects and their usage.

If you find a bug or have a proposal, create an issue at, or send email to alexei.kaigorodov(at)

Version history

2015/06/21 Converted to multimodule maven project. Previuos df4j project is now module df4j-core.

2015/06/20 Further codebase and interface minimization, version number 3.0

20/06/15 v1 branch development freesed, tagged as df4j-core-v1.0 v2 branch development freesed, tagged as df4j-core-v2.0

2014/04/06 Refactored for more clean design and structure. Interface cahnged, version number 2.0

2013/09/01 df4j-core proved to be stable, so version number 1.0 is assigned.