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Chrome/Firefox extension to nuke annoying elements in a web page
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It's like xkill, but for annoying web pages instead.

Chrome and Firefox plugin for quickly getting rid of elements on a web page.



Keyboard shortcut

By default ekill is toggled with ctrl+shift+k, but this can be modified at will.

Go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts, find the item labeled "ekill" and set it to whatever is most convenient.


Grudge (Experimental)

Turning this feature on, will let ekill hold a grudge against offending elements.

By keeping a record of killed of elements on a per page basis, ekill will try it's best to remove these elements on subsequent visits to the same page.

A rudimentary ui for toggling Grudge, as well as listing and editing the hit list, is included in the options page.





  • Changes the default hot-key from Ctrl+k to Ctrl+Shift+k.


  • Adds a kill count badge to the extension icon.


  • Adds the Grudge feature
  • Adds options page to control Grudge
  • Adds changelog notifications on version upgrades


  • Adds light icons for Firefox dark theme.


  • Adds support for Firefox

1.1 - 1.3

  • Introduces ability to toggle on/off, as well as dismiss with Esc key
  • Permissions narrowed to activeTab only
  • Targets anything with role=button


  • Initial version
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