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IBM i XMLSERVICE C# and VB.Net Data Access Service Wrapper for .Net 4.6.1 and above and .Net Core 2.0 and above
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IBM i C# and VB.Net XMLSERVICE Data Access Service Wrapper for .Net and .Net Core

This class is used to interface with existing IBM i database, program calls, CL commands, service programs and data queues via the XMLSERVICE service program. It also needs an Apache instance hooked up for XMLCGI calls since this class uses the HTTP interface.

Return data is returned in a usable .Net DataTable format or you can process the raw XML responses yourself.

This class should work with V5R4 and above of the OS400/IBM i operating system running XMLSERVICE.

Requirement: The XMLSERVICE library must also exist and be compiled on the system, including the XMLCGI program. Apache instance must also be set up and running and configured for XMLCGI calls.

Note: For appropriate security you should configure your Apache instance for SSL and for user Authentication. This way all traffic is secured and there is an extra User/Password layer. To enable HTTP authentication use the UseHttpCredentials parameter and set it to True on the SetHttpUserInfo method.

You can always refer to the Yips site for more install info on XMLSERVICE:

Class has been tested with XML Tookit library (XMLSERVICE) V1.9.7.

There is a Nuget package available to install the DLL in to a new .Net 4.6.1+ or .Net Core 2.0.0+ application.

IBM i Multi-platform Xmlservice .Net Wrapper for Dotnet Standard Nuget Site Link

XMLSERVICE is now typically packaged on the IBMi in library: QXMLSERV as part of the operating system, but if you want to play with the code, here's the current Github location as of 1/23/2019

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