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XML-based interface for accessing IBM i resources
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XMLSERVICE is a set of procedures written in ILE RPG that allow you to interact with IBM i resources such as programs and commands using a plain XML protocol. XMLSERVICE can be called directly or via high-level language toolkit.

XMLSERVICE visualization


TODO ...


Documentation is at

Building from Source

Build requirements

Building requires Python 3 and GNU make. These can be installed with yum: yum install python3 make-gnu

You will also need the ILE RPG compiler installed (5770-WDS option 31) along with the following PTFs:

  • 7.3: SI62605
  • 7.2: SI62604
  • 7.1: SI62580



git clone

cd xmlservice

python3 ./configure


Customizing the Build

You can customize the build by passing options to configure:

  • --library: set the build library
  • --debug: set the debug level (DBGVIEW CL parameter)

Running the Tests

TODO ...

Language Toolkits



Releasing a New Version

This project uses bumpversion to manage its version numbers. To update official releases, run the following commands:

# checkout and pull the latest code from master
git checkout master
git pull

# bump to a release version (a tag and commit are made)
bumpversion release

# bump to the new dev version (a commit is made)
bumpversion --no-tag patch

# push the new tag and commits
git push origin master --tags



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