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Markdown Monster

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Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publisher for Windows. Our goal is to provide the best Markdown specific editor for Windows and make it as easy as possible to create Markdown documents. We provide a core editor and previewer, and a number of non-intrusive helpers to help embed content like images, links, tables, code and more into your documents with minimal effort.

Here's what Markdown Monster looks like using the default Dark Theme:

Markdown Monster Screen Shot

and here is the Light Theme:

Markdown Monster Screen Shot


Markdown Monster is highly customizable with themes for the main shell, editor and preview displays. The editor and preview themes can be easily customized using HTML and CSS based templates. There are also many options to customize the editors fonts, sizes and many display options.

Extensible with .NET

One of the big features of Markdown Monster is that it's extensible with .NET code. You can use our Snippets or Commander addins to create custom text expansions, or automate common tasks using .NET Code snippets. A full addin extensibility model allows deep integration with most of Markdown Monster's features and UI to create sophisticated extensions using a straightforward Addin model. We use this extensibility model to extend base features of MM ourselves - the same is available to you. You can also share your addins in our addin registry.

Weblog Publishing

Want to write your blog posts in Markdown? You can use Markdown Monster to write your posts in Markdown and publish the generated HTML content directly to your Wordpress, Medium, MetaWeblog or West Wind Post API Weblog engine in seconds. You can also use any Git based service for your posts by simply saving the post and its post meta data to disk. Basic Git integration is built-in to Markdown Monster to commit current documents or open your favority Git Client.


You can download Markdown Monster and use the self-contained installer (requires Chocolatey is installed):

Or you can you use Chocolatey to install from the Windows Comand Line:

c:\> choco install markdownmonster

To update to the latest version:

c:\> choco upgrade markdownmonster


Show your Support

If you like what you see here, please consider starring this repo (click the ⭐️ in the top right corner of this page). If you have a favorite feature in Markdown Monster, it'd be awesome if you could tweet about it and mention @markdownmonstr. Please help us spread the word.

Please report any Issues you run into!

If you run into a problem with Markdown Monster, please let us know by filing an issue or feature request here on GitHub. We want to know what doesn't work and get it fixed. Help us make Markdown Monster better!


Markdown Monster provides many useful features:

Markdown Editor

  • Syntax highlighted Markdown editing
  • Live and synced HTML preview
  • Gentle, optional toolbar support for Markdown newbies
  • Inline spell checking
  • Line and Word counts
  • Synced Document Outline
  • Distraction free mode


  • Scroll synced preview window
  • Optional external previewer for multi-screen
  • Presentation mode support
  • Distraction-free mode support

Image Features

  • Paste images from Clipboard
  • Smartly select and embed images from disk or URL
  • Drag images from Folder Browser
  • Drag images from Explorer
  • Edit images in your image editor of choice
  • Built-in screen capture
  • Automatic PNG image compression

Editing Features

  • Easy link embedding from clipboard or disk
  • Embed code snippets and see highlighted syntax coloring
  • Two-way table editor for interactively creating and editing tables
  • Text Snippet Expansion with C# Code via Snippets Addin
  • Embed Emojii
  • Smart, unobtrusive toolbar and shortcut key helpers
  • Many Editor customization options

Output and Selections

  • Save Markdown output as raw or packaged HTML
  • Paste HTML text as Markdown
  • Copy Markdown selection as HTML
  • Open rendered output in your favorite Web browser
  • Save rendered output to HTML
  • Save rendered output to PDF
  • Print rendered output to the printer
  • Generate and embed document Table of Contents

Theme Support

  • Dark and Light application themes
  • Separate Application, Editor and Preview Themes
  • Support for many editor themes
  • Customizable HTML preview themes
  • Use HTML and CSS to customize Preview and Editor Themes
  • Customizable preview HTML syntax coloring themes

File Operations

  • Editor remembers open documents by default (optional)
  • Auto-Save and Auto-Backup support
  • Integrated file and folder browser
  • Save files with encryption
  • Drag and drop documents from Explorer and Folder Browser
  • Open Command Window or Explorer for active document

Git Integration

  • Show Git Status in Folder Browser
  • Commit and push Dialog
  • Commit and push active file, folder browser file
  • Commit and push all pending changes
  • Undo Changes
  • Add Ignored Files
  • Clone Repository
  • Open in Git Client

Weblog Publisher

  • Create or edit Weblog posts using Markdown
  • Publish your Markdown directly to your blog
  • Re-publish post at any time
  • Post data stored as YAML metadata in Markdown
  • Send custom meta data with posts
  • Supports MetaWebLog, Wordpress and Medium (limited)
  • Download and edit existing posts
  • Very fast publish and download process
  • Support for multiple blogs
  • Dropbox and OneDrive shared post storage

Non Markdown Features

  • HTML file editing with live preview
  • Many other file formats can also be edited:
    JSON, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, FoxPro, CSharp and more
  • Optional shared configuration on Cloud drives
  • High DPI Monitor Aware

Command Line features

  • Use mm or markdown to launch Markdown Monster
  • Markdown Monster path added to user path
  • mm - open single file
  • mm - open multiple files
  • mm . - open folder browser in folder
  • mm reset - reset all Markdown Monster settings
  • mm uninstall - remove all non-local system settings


Why another Markdown Editor?

Markdown is everywhere these days, and it's becoming a favorite format for many developers, writers and documentation experts to create lots of different kinds of content in this format. Markdown is used in a lot of different places:

  • Source Code documentation files (like this one)
  • Weblog posts
  • Product documentation
  • Message Board message entry
  • Application text entry for formatted text

Personally I use Markdown for my Weblog, my message board, of course on GitHub and in a number of applications that have free form text fields that allow for formatted text - for example in our Webstore product descriptions are in Markdown.

Having a dedicated Markdown Editor that gets out of your way, yet provides a few helpful features and lets you add custom features that make your content creation sessions more productive is important. Check out this post on why it makes sense to use a dedicated Markdown Editor rather than a generic text editor for Markdown document creation. The ability to easily publish your Markdown to any MetaWebLog or Wordpress API endpoint is also useful as it allows you to easily publish to blogs or any application that supports for either for these formats.

Markdown Monster wants to eat your Markdown!

Markdown Monster is a Markdown editor and Viewer for Windows that lets you create edit or simply preview Markdown text. It provides basic editing functionality with a few nice usability features for quickly embedding images, links, code, tables, screen shots and other markup. You get a responsive text editor that's got you covered with Markdown syntax highlighting, a collapsible live preview, so you can see what your output looks like, inline spellchecking and a handful of optimized menu options that help you mark up your text and embed and link content into your Markdown document. Additionally utility features let you quickly jump to the command line or an Explorer window, commit a document to Git, or even edit images in your favorite image editor.

Weblog Publishing

A common use case for Markdown is to create rich blog posts with embedded links and content and Markdown Monster makes it easy to pull together content from various sources. You can easily embed images either from the clipboard, or by linking images from URLs or files. You can also easily capture screen shots using the built in screen capture utility, or if you own Techsmith's awesome SnagIt tool you can use our SnagIt integration directly from within the editor.

Writing long blog posts is one thing I do a lot of and this is one of the reasons I actually wanted an integrated solution in a Markdown editor. You can take any Markdown and turn it into a blog post by using the Weblog publishing feature. Click the Weblog button on the toolbar and set up your blog (MetaWebLog, WordPress or Medium), and then specify the Weblog specifics like title, abstract, tags and Web Site to publish to. You can also download existing blog posts from your blog and edit them as Markdown (with some conversion limitations) and then republish them.

Weblog Publishing Addin

Weblog Publishing Addin Download

Posting is very fast and you can easily re-post existing content when you need to make changes (not supported for Medium).

Git Integration

These days working with Markdown often means working with Git repositories and Markdown Monster makes it easy to clone or create repositories, commit and push changes.

Folder Browser and Document Outline Sidebars

There's also a folder browser which has built-in support for Git status so you can immediately see what documents have changed in your folder tree. The browser lets you navigate folders, create, delete and move files and there are many options to view and edit files.

The document outline provides an overview of headings in your documents that you can easily jump to as you are working with your document.


Most editing and UI features in Markdown Monster are optional and can be turned on and off. Want to work distraction free and see no preview or spell checking hints? You can turn them off. Want to store configuration data in a shared cloud folder? You can do that too.

Want a different editor theme than the dark default or a preview theme that matches your blog or branding? You can easily switch to one of the many built-in editor themes. For previews you can use either one of several built-in themes or add your own with a simple, plain HTML/CSS template. You can even create themes that link to your own online styles.

The editor and previewer are HTML and JavaScript based, so you can also apply any custom styling and even hook up custom JavaScript code if you want to get fancy beyond the basic configuration. The preview themes are easy to modify as they are simply HTML and CSS templates.

Extensible with .NET Add-ins

But the key feature and the main reason I built this tool, is that it is extensible, so that you and I can plug additional functionality into it. Markdown Monster includes an add-in model that lets you add buttons to the UI, interact with the active document and the entire UI and attach to life cycle event to get notifications of various application events like documents opening and closing, documents being saved and the application shutting down, etc..

You can find documentation for creating Addins here:

Markdown Monster Addin Registry

You can create addins for your own use, simply by copying them into the Addins folder, or if you created an Addin that you think might be useful for others you can publish on the Markdown Monster Addin Registry. The registry holds public Addins that show in the Addin Manager inside of Markdown Monster:

Addin Manager

You can find out more on how to publish your Addins in this GitHub repository:

Right now the registry is pretty sparse, but here are a few Addins you can check out:

Provided Add-ins

Not only does Markdown Monster allow extension via Addins - it also uses Addins for some built-in features. Specifically the Screen Capture the Weblog Publishing modules are implemented as Add-ins and demonstrate the power of the Add-in model.

Screen Capture Addin

The Screen Capture add-in supports two separate capture modes: Using Techsmith's popular and super versatile SnagIt Screen Capture utility (which I highly recommend!) or using an integrated less featured Screen Capture module that allows capturing for Windows desktop windows and objects. To capture, simply click the capture button (camera icon) and the main app minimizes and either SnagIt or the integrate screen capture tool pops up to let you select the object to capture. You can preview and edit your captures, and when finished the captured image is linked directly into content.

SnagIt Screen Capture Add-in

Here's the SnagIt Screen Capture in action:

If you don't have SnagIt installed or you simply prefer a more light weight but less full featured solution, you can use the built-in Screen Capture that's a native part of Markdown Monster and doesn't require any external software:

Other Add-ins - What do you want to build?

I can think of a few add-in ideas - a quick way to commit to Git and Push would be useful for documentation solutions, or Git based blogs, so you can easily persist changes to a GitHub repository. Embedding all sorts of content like reference links, AdSense links, Amazon product links, a new post template engine, etc., etc.

Or maybe you have custom applications that use Markdown text and provide an API that allows you to post the Markdown (or HTML) to the server. It's easy to build a custom add-in that lets you take either the Markdown text or rendered HTML and push it to a custom REST interface in your custom application.


This application heavily leans several third party libraries without which this tool would not have been possible. Many thanks for the producers of these libraries:

  • Ace Editor
    Ace Editor is a power HTML based editor platform that makes it easy to plug syntax highlighted software style editing possible in a browser. Markdown Monster uses Ace Editor for the main Markdown editing experience inside of a Web browser control that interacts with the WPF application.

  • MarkDig Markdown Parser
    This extensible Markdown parser library is used for the rendering Markdown to HTML in Markdown Monster. The library is fast and supports a number of useful extensions like GitHub Flavored Markdown, table support, auto-linking and various add-on protocols. The feature set is extensible via a plug-in pipeline.

  • MahApps.Metro
    This library provides the Metro style window and theming support of the top level application shell. It's an easy to use library that makes it a snap to build nice looking WPF applications.

  • Dragablz
    This library provides the tab control support for the editor allowing for nicely styled tab reordering and overflow. The library also supports tab tear off tabs and layout docking although this feature is not used in Markdown Monster.

  • nHunspell Spell Checking
    Spell checking is handled via the hunspell library and the .NET wrapper in nhunspell. This library checks for mispellings and provides lookups for misspelled words. Word parsing is done in JavaScript and the spell checking is done in .NET by piping word lists to .NET to check which is drastically faster than doing the spell checking in the browser using JavaScript.

Spread the Word about Markdown Monster

If you like Markdown Monster please pass it on to help spread the word. Let your friends know, mention it to others who ask about Markdown and help us grow this community to encourage building the best Markdown Editor around.

Here are a few things you can do to help spread the word:

The support from the community so far with feedback, bug reports and ideas for new features has been awesome, and I look forward for that to continue with a growing community of active users and contributors.


Although we provide the source in the open, Markdown Monster is licensed software © West Wind Technologies, 2016-2017.

Markdown Monster can be downloaded and evaluated for free, but a reasonably priced license must be purchased for continued use. Licenses are per user, rather than per machine, so an individual user can use Markdown Monster on as many computers they wish with their license. Organization licenses are also available.

Thanks for playing fair.

Contribute - get a Free License

Contributors that provide valuable feedback, help out with code/PRs, actively promote Markdown Monster or support Markdown Monster in any other significant way are eligible for a free license. Contact Rick for more info.

Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft Employees get free Licenses

If you are a current Microsoft MVP or Insider, a Microsoft employee, or an employee of a company that offers free tools to Microsoft MVPs you qualify for a free license. Basically I want to give back to those that have given to the community and shared their knowledge or work. I'll consider anybody who has given back to the community for a free license.

Warranty Disclaimer: No Warranty!


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