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Git + .Net/Mono = ❤


LibGit2Sharp brings all the might and speed of libgit2, a native Git implementation, to the managed world of .Net and Mono.

Online resources

Troubleshooting and support

  • Usage or programming related question? Post it on StackOverflow using the tag libgit2sharp
  • Found a bug or missing a feature? Feed the issue tracker
  • Announcements and related miscellanea through Twitter (@libgit2sharp)

Current project build status

The build is generously hosted and run on the CodeBetter TeamCity infrastructure.

Status of last build
master master
vNext (Win x86) vNext x86
vNext (Win amd64) vNext amd64
vNext (Mono) vNext Mono

Quick contributing guide

  • Fork and clone locally
  • Create a topic specific branch. Add some nice feature. Do not forget the tests ;-)
  • Send a Pull Request to spread the fun!

More thorough information available in the wiki.



The MIT license (Refer to the file)

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