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Simple HTML editor with syntax highlighting and instant preview.
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This application is a simple HTML editor with syntax highlighting and instant preview capability. It has two main windows -- left is used for code editor and the right one is used for HTML preview. For syntax highlighting it uses CodeMirror library.

HTML Editor support following features.

  • Open file from local disk
  • Save file to local disk
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Word Wrap
  • Instant preview window
  • Responsive design for mobile

Demo are available at

Demo HTML Editor


To run the HTML editor just open file src/index.html using your favorite web browser and you're ready to go.


The build process will generate single HTML file of the editor. It may useful if you want to host or upload the editor to your own server. The build script only uses Bash so it should be easy to run.

$ bash
Build file build/index.html complete.

You can try to open file build/index.html using web browser.


This application is written by Rio Astamal <>


This application is open source licensed under MIT license.

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