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The rippled 1.1.0 release release includes the DepositPreAuth amendment, which combined with the previously released DepositAuth amendment, allows users to pre-authorize incoming transactions to accounts, by whitelisting sender addresses. The 1.1.0 release also includes incremental improvements to several previously released features (fix1515 amendment), deprecates support for the sign and sign_for commands from the rippled API and improves invariant checking for enhanced security.

Ripple recommends that all server operators upgrade to XRP Ledger version 1.1.0 by Thursday, 2018-09-27, to ensure service continuity.

New and Updated Features

  • Add DepositPreAuth ledger type and transaction (#2513)
  • Increase fault tolerance and raise validation quorum to 80%, which fixes issue 2604 (#2613)
  • Support ipv6 for peer and RPC comms (#2321)
  • Refactor ledger replay logic (#2477)
  • Improve Invariant Checking (#2532)
  • Expand SQLite potential storage capacity (#2650)
  • Replace UptimeTimer with UptimeClock (#2532)
  • Don’t read Amount field if it is not present (#2566)
  • Remove Transactor:: mFeeDue member variable (#2586)
  • Remove conditional check for using Boost.Process (#2586)
  • Improve charge handling in NoRippleCheckLimits test (#2629)
  • Migrate more code into the chrono type system (#2629)
  • Supply ConsensusTimer with milliseconds for finer precision (#2629)
  • Refactor / modernize Cmake (#2629)
  • Add delimiter when appending to cmake_cxx_flags (#2650)
  • Remove using namespace declarations at namespace scope in headers (#2650)

Bug Fixes

  • Deprecate the ‘sign’ and ‘sign_for’ APIs (#2657)
  • Use liquidity from strands that consume too many offers, which will be enabled on fix1515 Amendment (#2546)
  • Fix a corner case when decoding base64 (#2605)
  • Trim space in Endpoint::from_string (#2593)
  • Correctly suppress sent messages (#2564)
  • Detect when a unit test child process crashes (#2415)
  • Handle WebSocket construction exceptions (#2629)
  • Improve JSON exception handling (#2605)
  • Add missing virtual destructors (#2532)