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Browse target page on github/bitbucket from emacs buffers
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This package is easiest way to open particular link on github/gitlab/bitbucket/stash/ from Emacs. It supports various kind of emacs buffer, like:

  • file buffer
  • dired buffer
  • magit-mode buffers representing code
  • vc-annotate mode (use get there by pressing C-x v g by default)


Add browse-at-remote to your Cask file::

(depends-on "browse-at-remote")


Simply add this package to your emacs path, and add to .emacs,:

(require 'browse-at-remote)

Active keybindings for browse-at-remote function::

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c g g") 'browse-at-remote)


By default browse-at-remote knows how to work with popular remote types (github/gitlab..). Knowledge how to work with certain remote-type comes from mapping browse-at-remote-remote-type-domains. It defines that should be treat in github manner, in bitbucket manner and so on. In your development you may have some specific git-url, and browse-at-remote will before confuse which remote-type map to your domain.

Two solution available:

  1. In that case you can to customize that. (M-x customize ... browse-at-remote-remote-type-domains). For now our package supports next remote-types:

    • Stash
    • Phabricator
  2. Set specific remote-type directly in git repo. For example, if your repository is hosted on GitHub enterprise, you should add following setting to its config:

    git config --add browseAtRemote.type "github"

or for private Stash repository use command:

git config --add browseAtRemote.type "stash"

Adding new remote type

You can your own remote if you need - PRs are welcome! Please see good examples here: gnu-savannah-remote, or stash-remote.


  1. Call function from emacs buffer:

    M-x browse-at-remote


    M-x bar-browse

    or just call C-c g g if you've already added binding before. You can use this command in dired buffers too.

  2. Target page at github/bitbucket will be opened using your default browser:

    or same here is folder view at bitbucket:
  3. Opening github commit's page at magit-commit-mode, magit-log-mode:*magit-log-mode*
  4. Open last commit which added target line:*vc-annotate-mode*
    • Press C-x v g to call standard vc-annotate
    • Call browse-at-remote on target line




New remote type added Sourcehut by @microamp.


New remote type added Phabricator by @kuba-orlik.


New remote type added by @CyberShadow.


New remote type added by @wigust.


Minor fixes, added Stash (bitbucket support) by @yauhen-l.


Drop clojure-style function namings. Add abbrev methods like bar-browse and bar-to-clipoboard (where bar is browse-at-remote abbrev.)


Major refactorings by @ieure. Main function renamed to browse-at-remote/browse. (renamed in 0.8.0 to bar-browse)


  • Added support of Gitlab by @env0der. Thanks!


  • Added support of Github Enterprice. Special thanks for @env0der for this feature.


  • Function browse-at-remote/to-clipboard were added (renamed in 0.8.0 to bar-to-clibpoard)


  • Add mercurial support
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