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Zikula Core - Application Framework

Build Status

Zikula Core is a web based application framework, fully extensible by Modules, plugins and themes.

For more information visit http://zikula.org/

You must run php composer.phar --dev install to get the required dependencies. Composer can be obtained from http://getcomposer.org/.

.. note::

If your PHP binary is not in your command path, please specify the full path to PHP as in /path/to/php composer.phar --dev install or as appropriate for your environment.


This master branch is undergoing heavy refactoring. If you want to contribute to this branch, please note manual installation is required.

If you are looking for the stable version, please see the release-1.3 branch.

Regularly run composer also to make sure dependencies are up to date.

PHP Requirements

Zikula requires PHP 5.3.3 and above.

Manual installation process

  • Install the database manually from docs/installation.sql The username and password are admin / zikula1
  • Configuring the database settings in app/config/database.yml
  • Install vendors with php composer.phar install
  • Copy assets to web directory app/console assets:install

Change Guide

Please see the upgrading 1.4 guide


The process of switching to Symfony2 requires some temporary refactoring of legacy code in order to keep things running. In some cases it means removing features because they will need to be rewritten or handles differently.

Things which will completely change:

  • Translation
  • Templating (to Twig and assetic)
  • Javascript framework, based on jQuery 1.7+ with no prototype support
  • CSS (to Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.2)


The Zikula Core package is licensed under the terms of LGPLv3 (or any later version).


Zikula is an open source, community-driven project. If you'd like to contribute, please fork the project and submit a "pull request". More information ca be found in the wiki.