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Zikula Core - Application Framework

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Before installing
  4. Installing
  5. Vagrant installation
  6. Contributing


Zikula Core is a web based application framework, fully extensible by modules, plugins and themes.

For more information visit http://zikula.org/


Before installing Zikula it's important to ensure that the hosting server environment meets the requirements of the new core release. Zikula Core 1.4.x has the following requirements:

Minimum Recommended
PHP 5.4.1 5.5

Please note:

  • Zikula requires AllowOverride All and the mod_rewrite module (be aware the Apache 2.3.9+ has changed the default setting for AllowOverride to None.
  • Additional (advanced) server considerations can be found on the Symfony site
  • Zikula requires more memory than typical to install. You should set your memory limit in php.ini to 128 MB for the installation process.

Before installing

Zikula makes use of composer to manage and download all dependencies. If cloning via github, composer must be run prior to installation. Run:

`composer self-update`
`composer install`

If you store Composer in the root of the Zikula Core checkout, please rename it from composer.phar to composer to avoid your IDE reading the package contents.


Once all of the pre-install steps are complete, choose an installation method:

1) CLI install: cd to zikula root and run php app/console zikula:install:start 2) HTTP install: Run http://yoursiteurl/install and follow any on-screen prompts.

Vagrant installation

You can use vagrant to easily setup a complete Zikula development environment. All you need to do is install Vagrant and VirtualBox. Then run vagrant up inside the cloned repository and wait for the machine to boot (first time booting might take several minutes). Then head over to localhost:8080 and install Zikula. Database user, password and table are all set to zikula. PHPMyAdmin is accessible from localhost:8081.


Contributions can be made to Zikula in a number of ways

  1. By using our software
  2. Assisting other users at the user community site
  3. Creating themes for Zikula.
  4. Authoring additional modules for Zikula. Please see our developer documentation
  5. Contributing bug fixes and patches to the Core.

Pull requests are welcome, please see https://github.com/zikula/core/wiki/Contributing.

All pull requests must follow this template