List of hooks

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Creating a plugin is easy

  • Each plugin has to be in it's own folder (
  • Each plugin can have unlimited number of files.
  • WonderCMS will automatically include your plugin and plugin files.

List of available hooks/listeners

  • Listeners are used for attaching your functions to different parts of WonderCMS.
  • These hooks can be used inside your plugin PHP files (
 wCMS::addListener('page', 'yourFunctionName'); // attach your function to the page
 wCMS::addListener('js', 'yourFunctionName'); // can be used for additional JavaScript
 wCMS::addListener('css', 'yourFunctionName'); // can be used for additional CSS
 wCMS::addListener('settings', 'yourFunctionName');
 wCMS::addListener('menu', 'yourFunctionName');
 wCMS::addListener('getMenuSettings', 'yourFunctionName');
 wCMS::addListener('footer', 'yourFunctionName');

Simple plugin example: hits counter plugin

How do I make my plugin downloadable by others?

  • Create a ZIP file of your plugin folder. If your plugin folder is "myAwesomePlugin", create a ZIP file of the "myAwesomePlugin" folder.
  • Upload ZIP file to GitHub (as a release file).
  • Anyone with your ZIP link will be able to install your plugin through the WonderCMS Settings panel.
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