ROS packages for the RoboJackets RoboRacing team.
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RoboRacing Software CircleCI

This repository contains ROS packages for the RoboJackets RoboRacing team.

Software Lead

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Most folders in this repository are ROS packages.

rr_avc: This package contains mission code for the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge.

rr_iarrc: This package contains mission code for the International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge.

rr_common: This package contains general-purpose or mission-agnostic intelligence code.

rr_description: This package contains URDFs and meshes that describe the platform's layout.

rr_gazebo: This package contains resources for running the car in the Gazebo simulator.

rr_platform: This package contains code for interfacing with the various cars built and maintained by the team.

sandbox: This package contains utilities and non-ROS code. This includes tools for working with log files and the Arduino code for the car.

The following files and folders enable our continuous integration system.

  • .circleci
  • Dockerfile


  1. Make sure you have the appropriate ROS version installed for your version of Ubuntu.

  2. Clone this repo into the src directory of your catkin workspace.

  3. Also clone and into the same src directory

  4. Install the remaining dependencies with the following command in your catkin workspace folder:

    rosdep install --from-path src --ignore-src -y
  5. Install python dependencies (for Python 2) which are not in ROS:

    pip install keras tensorflow numpy pynput matplotlib
  6. Install librealsense following the instructions at

  7. You should now be able to build the project by running catkin_make in the catkin_ws directory.


You can get started with the RoboRacing code base right away by launching our simulator!

The following command will load our platform in the Sparkfun AVC track:

roslaunch rr_gazebo macaroni_avc.launch

Then, the following command will start our race AI and drive the car around the track:

roslaunch rr_avc avc_sim.launch

Alternatively, you can control the car manually with a USB gamepad with this command:

roslaunch rr_platform joystick_driver.launch