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Deprecation notice

Exciting changes are coming! We are in the process of migrating this repository to ROS2. Please head over to ROS2 Repository to see the changes.

Welcome to the RoboJackets RoboRacing software repository! This document will give you a brief outline of the repository's layout and some simple instructions for setting up the project. For more detailed information, please visit the wiki.

Software Lead

Project Manager



This repository is comprised of multiple ROS packages and one sandbox folder for miscellaneous resources.

rr_avc: This package contains mission code for the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge.

rr_iarrc: This package contains mission code for the International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge.

rr_common: This package contains general-purpose or mission-agnostic intelligence code.

rr_description: This package contains URDFs and meshes that describe the platform's layout.

rr_gazebo: This package contains resources for running the car in the Gazebo simulator.

rr_platform: This package contains code for interfacing with the various cars built and maintained by the team.

rr_ml: This package contains our machine learning models and tools for working with datasets.

sandbox: This package contains utilities and non-ROS code. This includes tools for working with log files and the Arduino code for the car.

The following files and folders enable our continuous integration system.

  • .github


If you are looking to contribute, we are no longer supporting this branch and are currently working over on:

If you really want to work on ROS 1, you can here:

This repository should be cloned into the src directory of a catkin workspace. Use catkin_make in the workspace directory to build the code. (NOTE: Be sure to source devel/ before referencing roboracing packages.)

For a guide on installing our code please go to our guide.


You can get started with the RoboRacing code base right away by launching our simulator!

The following command will load our platform in the IARRC circuit track:

roslaunch rr_gazebo macaroni_iarrc_circuit.launch

Then, the following command will start our race AI and drive the car around the track:

roslaunch rr_iarrc test_circuit_sim.launch