Simple Eigen-C++ wrapper for OSQP library
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Simple C++ wrapper for osqp library.

System Status
Linux / OSX Build Status


Build the library and the application

Linux / macOs

git clone
cd osqp-eigen
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../
[sudo] make install

If you want to enable tests set the BUILD_TESTING option to ON.

Notice: sudo is not necessary if you specify the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. In this case it is necessary to add in the .bashrc the following lines:

Linux / macOs

export OsqpEigen_DIR=/path/where/you/installed/

Notice: The choice of OsqpEigen_DIR name for the environment variable is not random. Indeed <package>_DIR is one of the search paths of find_package().

How to use the wrapper

Here you can find a simple example that shows how to use this library.


Here you can find the documentation.

Bug reports and support

All types of issues are welcome 😄.