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Welcome to the kshdb wiki!

Sorry there’s not much here right now:

Actually, demand for the debugger has been a bit weak, so maybe this is okay. (On the other hand, I suppose there may be this chicken-and-egg thing.)

Check sourceforge.net for the last-released tarball.

There’s no manual yet for kshdb, although there’s help inside the debugger itself. And since this debugger is a rewrite of the one for bash, you might get some inside looking at the bashdb reference manual.

There are a number of features in bashdb that should be in kshdb. As need arises they will be added. However if you really want that feature, just pull the code from bashdb and move it to kshdb. (Some adjustment due to better modularity may be desired/needed.)


Thanks to David Korn for the adding necessary support to ksh needed to get this off the ground and make debugging possible.

Thanks to Kate Ward, Stéphane Chazelas for programs used in conjunction with kshdb.