Find the last visible point in an Emacs window
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Find the last visible point in an Emacs window.


(require 'window-end-visible)
;; open a buffer larger than the window
;; may return nil
(pos-visible-in-window-p (window-end))
;; always returns t
(pos-visible-in-window-p (window-end-visible))


window-end-visible.el has no user-level interface, and is only useful when programming Emacs Lisp.

This library provides the function window-end-visible, which works around a limitation of window-end, at a speed penalty.

The issue this function solves is that the following is not true as might be expected:

(pos-visible-in-window-p (window-end))

window-end-visible returns the "true" window end: the last visible position in the window, verified by testing with pos-visible-in-window-p.

The speed penalty of window-end-visible over window-end varies depending on your configuration. For example, tabbar.el makes calling pos-visible-in-window-p quite expensive.

Compatibility and Requirements

GNU Emacs version 24.4-devel     : yes, at the time of writing
GNU Emacs version 24.3           : yes
GNU Emacs version 23.3           : yes
GNU Emacs version 22.2           : yes, with some limitations
GNU Emacs version 21.x and lower : unknown

No external dependencies