Tabbar is an emacs minor mode that displays a tab bar at the top, similar to the idea of web browser’s tabs.
Emacs Lisp
Latest commit b6c285a May 24, 2016 @dholm Merge pull request #23 from 8cylinder/selected-and-modified
If a tab is selected, it will show it's modified state



This is a fork of the Aquamacs TabBarMode implementation which is an up-to date version of this minor mode. TabBarMode is perfectly portable between different Emacs implementations and this repository is intended to provide just that.

Since the repository is a filtered clone of the Aquamacs Git repo and hence it should be perfectly possible to track changes made upstream.


If you are experiencing slowdowns when using tabbar with graphics it might be caused by issues with transparency. Try setting (setq 'tabbar-use-images nil) to work around this issue. Originally identified by Tom Regner on stackoverflow.