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About R7.FeedbackButton

R7.FeedbackButton is a skinobject extension for DNN Platform to use along with the popular DNN Feedback module.

It allows:

  1. Easily navigate to feedback page from any website page.

  2. Pass errortabid parameter in the querystring to indicate feedback source page.

  3. Pass errorcontext parameter in the querystring with user-selected text to indicate feedback problem (using rangy JavaScript library).

  4. Customize button look, link target, text & tooltip localization.

Note that DNN Feedback module stores entire URL with all querystring params in the UserAgent field, which is accessible from the Feedback Comments module by adding [Feedback:UserAgent] tag to the item template.


Install rangy scripts to ~/Resources/Shared/scripts/rangy/rangy-core.js

Install latest R7.FeedbackButton release from Host > Extensions.

Register control in the skin:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="r7" TagName="FeedbackButton" src="~/DesktopModules/R7.FeedbackButton/R7.FeedbackButton/R7.FeedbackButton.ascx" %> 

Add control entry to the skin file (default use):

<r7:FeedbackButton runat="server" FeedbackTabId="123" />

Note that FeedbackTabId value is required and must be set to the TabId of the page where DNN Feedback module is.


Custom CSS class, link target:

<r7:FeedbackButton runat="server" FeedbackTabId="123" CssClass="my-feedback-button" Target="my-feedback-frame" />


You could change feedback button label and tooltip by editing App_LocalResources/R7.FeedbackButton.ascx.resx files or add translation to other language by adding separate resx file for it.

Use the ResourceKey property to specify other name for resource keys.

<r7:FeedbackButton runat="server" FeedbackTabId="123" ResourceKey="MyFeedbackButton" />

In this example, control will try to load MyFeedbackButton.Text resource string for button label, and MyFeedbackButton.Tooltip resource string for tooltip text.