Using TREZOR as a hardware SSH/GPG agent
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Latest commit 43c424a Jan 7, 2017 1 @romanz ssh: allow "just-in-time" connection for agent-like behaviour
This would allow launching trezor-agent into the background
during the system startup, and the connecting the device
when the cryptographic operations are required.

Using TREZOR as a hardware SSH/GPG agent

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See SatoshiLabs' blog posts about this feature:


First, make sure that the latest trezorlib Python package is installed correctly (at least v0.6.6):

$ apt-get install python-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libudev-dev
$ pip install -U setuptools pip
$ pip install Cython trezor

Make sure that your udev rules are configured correctly. Then, install the latest trezor_agent package:

$ pip install trezor_agent

Or, directly from the latest source code (if pip doesn't work for you):

$ git clone && cd trezor-agent
$ python build && python install

Finally, verify that you are running the latest TREZOR firmware version (at least v1.4.0):

$ trezorctl get_features | head
vendor: ""
major_version: 1
minor_version: 4
patch_version: 0

If you have an error regarding protobuf imports (after installing it), please see this issue.


For SSH, see the following instructions (for Windows support, see trezor-ssh-agent project (by Martin Lízner)).

For GPG, see the following instructions.

See here for PIN entering instructions.


If there is an import problem with the installed protobuf package, see this issue for fixing it.


Questions, suggestions and discussions are welcome: Chat