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Hey, cool. You're reading this. That is a good thing.
My vision for WebOOT is to make it a community-driven project. I am modelling
this on the linux kernel. This is about sharing cool stuff for the greater
good of everybody.
Features win by virtue of being well implemented, useful to people or just cool.
Features which lose are still useful - they allow for iteration and sharing
concepts. Share your dirty branches.
You can start editing and committing without asking any permissions of anyone.
I don't even have to know about it.
In the long run I would like to make it an application that can be used to
communicate and converse around interesting/digested physics data, in whatever
form it comes in. Picture "the github/gitorius of physics analysis".
Things you need to know if you want to contribute:
* All code should be PEP8 compliant to the best possible standard.
It's worth saying that one of the clauses of PEP8 allows for violation of it.
I think that things about use of whitespace and import ordering are useful.
Please use "from x import y" (with the exception of, maybe ROOT), and list
your imports grouped by "stdlib", "3rd party packages", "other WebOOT modules"
In principal it should be possible to "ack" ( for names
to find out where they are defined. If it isn't, that is a bug.
* Please make your commits granular. Git facilitates this by allowing you to
commit those massive of changes you just made one piece at a time. Go and
read about "git add -p" (`man git-add`). This means that in principle people
can glance at your commits and immediately understand what you changed.
Unlike with SVN, you don't have to think or work "granularly" to achieve this.