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ROS audio_common Package


This repository contains the ROS audio_common package.

For user documentation, please refer to the ROS Wiki page for audio_common

Deb Build Status

Package Melodic (Bionic) Noetic (Focal) Noetic (Buster)
audio_common (arm64) Build Status Build Status Build Status
audio_common (armhf) Build Status Build Status ---
audio_common (i386) --- --- ---
audio_common (amd64) Build Status Build Status Build Status

ROS1 source build

On ROS Kinetic, Melodic and Noetic, the master branch is recommended.

ROS2 source build

On ROS2, the ros2 branch is recommended

Development, Branch and Release Policy

The master branch is currently considered the development branch, and is released into ROS Kinetic, Melodic and Noetic with version numbers in the 0.3.x range. master is accepting new, non-breaking features and bug fixes.

Large, breaking changes such as changes to dependencies or the package API will be considered, but they will probably be staged into a development branch for release into the next major release of ROS (ROS L)


Please ask support questions on ROS Answers.