Experimental packages for KUKA manipulators within ROS-Industrial (http://wiki.ros.org/kuka_experimental)
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BrettHemes and gavanderhoorn eki_hw_interface: add cmd buffer length limit to avoid overfeeding co…
…ntroller (#143)

Squashed commits:

* adding command buffer length to returned RobotState and preventing writing when (configurable) max exceeded
* Adding documentation of newly implemented command buffer limiting
* eki_hw_interface: add note about commented ROS_WARN for buffer over and underflow
Latest commit 0f03b98 Sep 18, 2018


Kuka experimental

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support level: community

Experimental packages for Kuka manipulators within ROS-Industrial. See the ROS wiki page for more information.


This repository contains packages that will be migrated to the kuka repository after they have received sufficient testing. The contents of these packages are subject to change, without prior notice. Any available APIs are to be considered unstable and are not guaranteed to be complete and / or functional.