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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this Dec 1, 2019


This release contains mostly bug fixes and support for new tokens. It is hopefully the last patch release before v1.1.0 which will contain the new user interface.

Most notably Rotki now supports the upgrade from single to multi collateral DAI.

For a full list of features and bug fixes check below.

Upgrade is highly recommended. Binaries available for:

New Features

  • #547 Support Multicollateral DAI upgrade and Single Collateral DAI renaming to SAI.
  • #541 If the user allows anonymous usage analytics are submitted to a server for analysis of the application's active users.
  • Rebranding Rotkehlchen to Rotki inside the application. All website and api links should now target

Bug Fixes

  • #545 Trades from all Kraken pairs should now be processed properly again. For example all SC trade pairs should now work again.
  • #543 User will not get unexpected balance results in the same Rotki run due to same cache being used for different arguments.
  • #534 Old external trades can now be edited/deleted properly again.
  • #527 If cryptocompare query returns an empty object Rotki client no longer crashes.

Newly supported tokens

Added support for the following tokens

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