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Build Roundcube from Source

Building Roundcube from source is pretty similar to Dev Releases.
Let's list the individual steps with a short description:

1. Fetch the source from github

git clone git:// roundcubemail-git

2. Switch to the according branch

cd roundcubemail-git
git checkout tags/1.1.5

(check out whatever tag or branch you desire)

3. Install JavaScript dependencies

(for git master and versions >= 1.3 only)


4. Compress Javascript files and add cache-buster tokens to images referenced from CSS styles


5. Optionally compress CSS files as well


6. Remove development stuff, installer and git files

rm -rf tests/ public_html/ installer/ .git* .tx*

7. Download and configure Composer

curl -sS | php -- --install-dir=/tmp/
cp composer.json-dist composer.json

8. Optionally, add dependencies for LDAP modules in order to enable LDAP address books in Roundcube

php /tmp/composer.phar require kolab/net_ldap3:dev-master --no-update

9. Install PHP dependencies using Composer

php /tmp/composer.phar install --prefer-dist --no-dev

The roundcubemail-git directory now contains a complete Roundcube installation ready for deployment or packaging.

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