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荒野无灯 and roxma Update
according to the doc( ,  `g:LanguageClient_autoStart` was set to 1 by default. so we did not need
`autocmd FileType php LanguageClientStart` anymore.

`autocmd FileType php LanguageClientStart` caused the err msg:
`Language server (xxx) exited unexpectedly! `

the reason it the the filetype autocmd config seems to be in conflict with   `g:LanguageClient_autoStart`
 ( which set to 1 by default.
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A simple php language server plugin for LanguageClient-neovim.

I almost code nothing for this plugin. It's just a package for easy setup, which uses the great php-language-server.


Assumming you're using vim-plug.

Plug 'roxma/LanguageServer-php-neovim',  {'do': 'composer install && composer run-script parse-stubs'}

If you're installing this plugin manually, remember to execute composer install && composer run-script parse-stubs after.

For auto-completion popup, you might need to install nvim-completion-manager.

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