Release Notes 1.4.2

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There are new features:

  • The bootstrap feature is now disabled by default. There were too many issues with it. You can enable it locally with --bootstrap-chroot, but first see knows bugs and issues.
  • There is initial support for Fedora Modularity. You can add to config:
config_opts['module_enable'] = ['list', 'of', 'modules']
config_opts['module_install'] = ['module1/profile', 'module2/profile']

This will call dnf module enable list of modules and dnf module install module1/profile module2/profile during the init phase. EDIT: If you want to use this feature you have to have experimental DNF, it can be obtained from this Copr project.

There are some bugfixes:

  • NSpawn chroot is switched off for EL6 targets [RHBZ#1456421].
  • LVM root is not umounted when umount_root is set to false [RHBZ#1447658]
  • Shell in NSpawn container is now called with --login so profile.d scripts are executed [RHBZ#1450516] [RHBZ#1462373]
  • yum rather then yum-deprecated is used when using bootstrap chroot [RHBZ#1446294]
  • Custom chroot does not use bootstrap [RHBZ#1448321]
  • Mock now use dnf repoquery instead of repoquery for chroots which uses DNF.
  • LVM's scrub hook for bootstrap chroot is called [RHBZ#1446297]
  • --mount will mount LVM volumes [RHBZ#1448017]
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