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Robot Perception & Navigation Group (RPNG)

Research on robot sensing, estimation, localization, mapping, perception, and planning

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  1. An open source platform for visual-inertial navigation research.

    C++ 1k 349

  2. R-VIO Public

    Robocentric Visual-Inertial Odometry

    C++ 480 142

  3. cpi Public

    Closed-form Preintegration for Graph-based Visual-Inertial Navigation

    C++ 213 56

  4. calc Public

    Convolutional Autoencoder for Loop Closure

    Python 135 41

  5. vicon2gt Public

    Vicon-IMU fusion for groundtruth trajectory generation.

    C++ 18 5

  6. Observability-Constrained (OC)-EKF for 2D SLAM

    MATLAB 61 29


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