Liquid tag for responsive Flickr images using HTML5 srcset.
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Gem Version

Liquid tag for responsive Flickr images using HTML5 srcset: {% flickr %}.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

$ gem 'jekyll-flickr'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install jekyll-flickr

Then add the following to your site's _config.yml:

  - jekyll-flickr

💡 If you are using a Jekyll version less than 3.5.0, use the gems key instead of plugins.

You must further provide two Flickr API credentials. You can either use environment variables FLICKR_API_KEY and FLICKR_API_SECRET or the _config.yml:

  api_key: <flickr_api_key>
  api_secret: <flickr_shared_secret>

💡 API requests are cached in .jekyll-cache/flickr for faster builds.


Use the tag as follows in your Jekyll pages, posts and collections:

{% flickr photo_id "Caption" img_attributes %}
  • The photo_id is required and determines the photo from Flickr. In the URL, the photo_id is the number in the path after the author (here also a number), i.e. 38285149681.
  • The Caption is optional and must be enclosed by double quotation marks. So far, double quotation marks in captions are not supported.
  • The img_attributes are any optional text that will be included in the <img> tag.


{% flickr 38285149681 "My favourite photo of the month." style="float: right;"}

This will create the following HTML output:

  <img src="" srcset=" 320w, 640w, 800w, 1024w, 1600w" sizes="100vw" style="float: right;" alt="My favourite photo of the month.">
    <div class="caption">My favourite photo of the month.</div>
    <div class="license">
      © Flickr/<a href="">moulichoudari</a>
      <a href="">CC Attribution License</a>


  api_key: <flickr_api_key>
  api_secret: <flickr_shared_secret>
  widths: [320, 640, 800, 1024, 1600]
  width_legacy: 1024
  width_viewport: 100vw
  figcaption: true
  license: true
  caption: true

The Flickr API provides images in a number of sizes (e.g. 75, 150, 100, 240, 320, 500, 640, 1024, 3648). The widths allows to filter for sizes to be included in the srcset attribute. The size width_legacy chosen from the supported sizes is used by browsers with no support for the srcset attribute.

The configuration option width_viewport allows to define the occupying width of the photos. It is used to set the sizes attribute. More Information


  • add option to enable a link from the image to the Flickr photo page or just a larger version of the image
  • allow more control on cache expiration
  • allow for custom templates globally configured
  • allow for templates per tag via some arguments
  • block version (Liquid::Block) that allows to enclosure the caption
  • use a more sophisticated RegExp to allow for captions with quotation marks
  • privacy mode: download images to build to not require user requests to Flickr servers

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