Cross-platform easy to use mongodb management tool
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Mongoclient, MongoDB Management Tool

Cross-platform, easy to use, MongoDB 3.4+ support and more features!

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Mongoclient is in need of you to buy INSPINA theme's extended licence ($1000) to live longer. Thank you so much ! Here's the list of donators, helpful people Can't you donate, no worries giving a star to this repository is free and appreciated as much as donation !

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Database Monitoring Easy GridFS, Dump/Restore Management
Autocomplete User Management


Version 1.5.0 has been released !


To learn more see the wiki page.


Mongoclient now officialy has a docker hub. To install master branch:

docker pull mongoclient/mongoclient

To install latest stable release:

docker pull mongoclient/mongoclient:1.5.0

Then you can run it as a daemon:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 mongoclient/mongoclient

Cloud Foundry

You can optionally push the Mongoclient to the CloudFoundry

Cloud Foundry or CF, is a PaaS, as a developer you can trail the instance of CF, either IBM Bluemix or Pivotal

As the MongoClient is developed by the meteor, you need to have an mongodb instance to store the metadata info MC needed. Mlab has an experimental or sandbox offering or compose a commerical DBaaS provider you can register and try it.

Assuming you have an mongodb instance, which something linke

And installed the command line utility

Get the latest MongoClient

git clone ~/mongoclient
cd ~/mongoclient

edit the manifest.yml.sample, change the corresponding values to your environment

mv manifest.yml.sample manifest.yml
cf login -a -u username -p password
cf push

after a while, your console will output something like

cf push mongoclient


Please check history file for version information.


Please check roadmap file for further features.


Project is licensed under MIT, which means you are free to do anything with full of my work as long as you provide attribution back to me. Thanks !