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Define method in matcher dsl #29

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On several occasions, when writing a helper method in a custom matcher I've defined using the matcher DSL, I've wanted to define the method using #define_method so that it has access to the matcher parameters (such as expected). Currently I get a NoMethodError when I do this.

My commit fixes this by delegating define_method to the matcher's singleton class.

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Delegate Matcher#define_method to its singleton class.

This allows you to define helper methods in a matcher using #define_method to gain access to the parameters.

@eloyesp eloyesp pushed a commit to eloyesp/rspec-expectations that referenced this pull request Nov 5, 2013
@myronmarston myronmarston Rewrite custom matcher DSL.
Rather than evaling the `define` block in the
context of the matcher instance, eval the `define`
block in the context of the matcher instance's
singleton class.

* Fixes rspec#272.
  `include` in `define` has a different meaning (module inclusion)
  than `include` in the `match` block (using the `include` matcher to
* Better solution than rspec#194
  for rspec#188. There's now
  a `match` class method and a `match` instance method.
* Completely avoids issues we had to use hacks to solve before:
This issue was closed.
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