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Hi there 👋

RsyncOSX and RsyncUI are GUI´s on the Apple macOS plattform for the command line tool rsync. It is rsync which executes the synchronize task. The GUI´s are only for setting parameters and make it more easy to use rsync, which is a fantastic tool.

The UI of RsyncOSX and RsyncUI can for users who dont know rsync be difficult to understand. Setting wrong parameters to rsync can result in deleted data. RsyncOSX nor RsyncUI will not stop you for doing so. That is why it is very important to execute a simulated run, a --dry-run, and verify the result before the real run.

If you have installed macOS Big Sur, RsyncOSX is the GUI for you. If you have installed macOS Monterey, you can use both GUI´s in parallell.

Version 3.2.4 of rsync was released 15 April 2022. Both RsyncOSX and RsyncUI as expected with the latest release of rsync.

RsyncOSX is the only GUI which supports scheduling of task.

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RsyncOSX is released for macOS Big Sur and later due to requirements in some features of Combine. Latest build is 4 May 2022.

GitHub license GitHub Releases Netlify Status GitHub issues

RsyncUI is released for macOS Monterey.

Latest build is 20 April 2022.

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