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Nils Gemeinhardt Add ContextWorking cop 6d4d9d9 Aug 18, 2019
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Change log

Master (Unreleased)

  • Fix RSpec/DescribedClass's error when a described_class is part of the namespace. (@pirj)
  • Fix RSpec/ExampleWording autocorrect of multi-line docstrings. (@pirj)
  • Add RSpec/ContextMethod cop, to detect method names in context. (@geniou)

1.35.0 (2019-08-02)

  • Add RSpec/ImplicitBlockExpectation cop. (@pirj)

1.34.1 (2019-07-31)

  • Fix RSpec/DescribedClass's error when a local variable is part of the namespace. (@pirj)

1.34.0 (2019-07-23)

  • Remove AggregateFailuresByDefault config option of RSpec/MultipleExpectations. (@pirj)
  • Add RSpec/LeakyConstantDeclaration cop. (@jonatas, @pirj)
  • Improve aggregate_failures metadata detection of RSpec/MultipleExpectations. (@pirj)
  • Improve RSpec/SubjectStub detection and message. (@pirj)
  • Change message of RSpec/LetSetup cop to be more descriptive. (@foton)
  • Improve RSpec/ExampleWording to handle interpolated example messages. (@nc-holodakg)
  • Improve detection by allowing the use of RSpec as a top-level constant. (@pirj)
  • Fix RSpec/DescribedClass's incorrect detection. (@pirj)
  • Improve RSpec/DescribedClass's ability to detect inside modules and classes. (@pirj)

1.33.0 (2019-05-13)

  • Let RSpec/DescribedClass pass Struct instantiation closures. (@schmijos)
  • Fixed RSpec/ContextWording missing contexts with metadata. (@pirj)
  • Fix FactoryBot/AttributeDefinedStatically not working with an explicit receiver. (@composerinteralia)
  • Add RSpec/Dialect enforces custom RSpec dialects. (@gsamokovarov)
  • Fix redundant blank lines in RSpec/MultipleSubjects's autocorrect. (@pirj)
  • Drop support for ruby 2.2. (@bquorning)

1.32.0 (2019-01-27)

  • Add RSpec/Yield cop, suggesting using the and_yield method when stubbing a method, accepting a block. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix FactoryBot/CreateList autocorrect crashing when the factory is called with a block=. (@Darhazer)
  • Fixed RSpec/Focus not flagging some cases of RSpec.describe with focus: true. (@Darhazer)
  • Fixed RSpec/Pending not flagging some cases of RSpec.describe with :skip. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix false positive in RSpec/ReceiveCounts when method name exactly, at_least or at_most is used along with times, without being an RSpec API. (@Darhazer)

1.31.0 (2019-01-02)

  • Add IgnoreSharedExamples option for RSpec/NamedSubject. (@RST-J)
  • Add autocorrect support for Capybara/CurrentPathExpectation cop. (@ypresto)
  • Add support for built-in exists matcher for RSpec/PredicateMatcher cop. (@mkenyon)
  • SingleArgumentMessageChain no longer reports an array as it's only argument as an offense. (@Darhazer)

1.30.1 (2018-11-01)

  • FactoryBot/CreateList now ignores times blocks with an argument. (@Darhazer)

1.30.0 (2018-10-08)

  • Add config to RSpec/VerifiedDoubles to enforcement of verification on unnamed doubles. (@BrentWheeldon)
  • Fix FactoryBot/AttributeDefinedStatically not working when there is a non-symbol key. (@vzvu3k6k)
  • Fix false positive in RSpec/ImplicitSubject when is_expected is used inside its() block. (@Darhazer)
  • Add single_statement_only style to RSpec/ImplicitSubject as a more relaxed alternative to single_line_only. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/UnspecifiedException as a default cop to encourage more-specific expect{}.to raise_error(ExceptionType), or raise_exception style handling of exceptions. (@daveworth)

1.29.1 (2018-09-01)

  • Fix false negative in FactoryBot/AttributeDefinedStatically when attribute is defined on self. (@Darhazer)
  • RSpec/FactoryBot cops will now also inspect the spec/factories.rb path by default. (@bquorning)

1.29.0 (2018-08-25)

  • RSpec/InstanceVariable - Recommend local variables in addition to let. (@jaredbeck)
  • Add RSpec/ImplicitSubject cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/HooksBeforeExamples cop. (@Darhazer)

1.28.0 (2018-08-14)

  • Add RSpec/ReceiveNever cop enforcing usage of not_to receive instead of never matcher. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix false positive in RSpec/EmptyLineAfterExampleGroup cop when example is inside if. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/MissingExampleGroupArgument to enforce first argument for an example group. (@geniou)
  • Drop support for ruby 2.1. (@bquorning)
  • Add FactoryBot/AttributeDefinedStatically cop to help FactoryBot users with the deprecation of static attributes. (@composerinteralia, @seanpdoyle)
  • Remove FactoryBot/DynamicAttributeDefinedStatically and FactoryBot/StaticAttributeDefinedDynamically cops. (@composerinteralia)

1.27.0 (2018-06-14)

  • RSpec/LeadingSubject now enforces subject to be before any examples, hooks or let declarations. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix RSpec/NotToNot to highlight only the selector (not_to or to_not), so it works also on expect { ... } blocks. (@bquorning)
  • Add RSpec/EmptyLineAfterHook cop. (@bquorning)
  • Add RSpec/EmptyLineAfterExampleGroup cop to check that there is an empty line after example group blocks. (@bquorning)
  • Fix RSpec/DescribeClass crashing on RSpec.describe without arguments. (@Darhazer)
  • Bump RuboCop requirement to v0.56.0. (@bquorning)
  • Fix RSpec/OverwritingSetup crashing if a variable is used as an argument for let. (@Darhazer)

1.26.0 (2018-06-06)

  • Fix false positive in RSpec/EmptyExampleGroup cop when methods named like a RSpec method are used. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix Capybara/FeatureMethods not working when there is require before the spec. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix RSpec/EmptyLineAfterFinalLet: allow a comment to be placed after latest let, requiring empty line after the comment. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/ReceiveCounts cop to enforce usage of :once and :twice matchers. (@Darhazer)

1.25.1 (2018-04-10)

  • Fix false positive in RSpec/Pending cop when pending is used as a method name. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix FactoryBot/DynamicAttributeDefinedStatically false positive when using symbol proc argument for a sequence. (@tdeo)

1.25.0 (2018-04-07)

  • Add RSpec/SharedExamples cop to enforce consistent usage of string to titleize shared examples. (@anthony-robin)
  • Add RSpec/Be cop to enforce passing argument to the generic be matcher. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix false positives in StaticAttributeDefinedDynamically and ReturnFromStub when a const is used in an array or hash. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/Pending cop to enforce no existing pending or skipped examples. This is disabled by default. (@patrickomatic)
  • Fix RSpec/NestedGroups cop support --auto-gen-config. (@walf443)
  • Fix false positives in Capybara/FeatureMethods when feature methods are used as property names in a factory. (@Darhazer)
  • Allow configuring enabled methods in Capybara/FeatureMethods. (@Darhazer)
  • Add FactoryBot/CreateList cop. (@Darhazer)

1.24.0 (2018-03-06)

  • Compatibility with RuboCop v0.53.0. (@bquorning)
  • The Rails/HttpStatus cop is unavailable if the rack gem cannot be loaded. (@bquorning)
  • Fix Rails/HttpStatus not working with custom HTTP status codes. (@bquorning)
  • Fix FactoryBot/StaticAttributeDefinedDynamically to handle empty block. (@abrom)
  • Fix false positive in FactoryBot/DynamicAttributeDefinedStatically when a before/after callback has a symbol proc argument. (@abrom)

1.23.0 (2018-02-23)

  • Add RSpec/Rails/HttpStatus cop to enforce consistent usage of the status format (numeric or symbolic). (@anthony-robin, @jojos003)
  • Fix false negative in RSpec/ReturnFromStub when a constant is being returned by the stub. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix FactoryBot/DynamicAttributeDefinedStatically to handle dynamic attributes inside arrays/hashes. (@abrom)
  • Add FactoryBot/StaticAttributeDefinedDynamically (based on dynamic attribute cop). (@abrom)

1.22.2 (2018-02-01)

  • Fix error in RSpec/DescribedClass when working on an empty describe block. (@bquorning)

1.22.1 (2018-01-17)

  • Fix false positives in RSpec/ReturnFromStub. (@Darhazer)

1.22.0 (2018-01-10)

  • Updates describe_class to account for RSpecs :system wrapper of rails system tests. (@EliseFitz15)
  • Add RSpec/ExpectChange cop to enforce consistent usage of the change matcher. (@Darhazer)
  • Add autocorrect support to RSpec/LetBeforeExamples. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix RSpec/InstanceVariable flagging instance variables inside dynamically defined class. (@Darhazer)
  • Add autocorrect support for RSpec/ReturnFromStub cop. (@bquorning)
  • Add RSpec/ExampleWithoutDescription cop. (@Darhazer)

1.21.0 (2017-12-13)

  • Compatibility with RuboCop v0.52.0. (@bquorning)
  • Improve performance when user does not override default RSpec Pattern config. (@walf443)
  • Add AggregateFailuresByDefault configuration for RSpec/MultipleExpectations cop. (@onk)

1.20.1 (2017-11-15)

  • Add "without" to list of default allowed prefixes for RSpec/ContextWording. (@bquorning)

1.20.0 (2017-11-09)

  • Rename namespace FactoryGirl to FactoryBot following original library update. (@walf443)
  • Fix exception in RSpec/ReturnFromStub on empty block. (@yevhene)
  • Add RSpec/ContextWording cop. (@pirj, @telmofcosta)
  • Fix RSpec/SubjectStub cop matches receive message inside all matcher. (@walf443)

1.19.0 (2017-10-18)

Compatibility release so users can upgrade RuboCop to 0.51.0. No new features.

1.18.0 (2017-09-29)

  • Fix false positive in Capybara/FeatureMethods. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/Capybara/CurrentPathExpectation cop for feature specs, disallowing setting expectations on current_path. (@timrogers)
  • Fix false positive in RSpec/LetBeforeExamples cop when example group contains single let. (@Darhazer)

1.17.1 (2017-09-20)

  • Improved RSpec/ReturnFromStub to handle string interpolation, hashes and do..end blocks. (@Darhazer)
  • Fixed compatibility with JRuby. (@zverok)

1.17.0 (2017-09-14)

  • Add RSpec/Capybara namespace including the first cop for feature specs: Capybara/FeatureMethods. (@rspeicher)
  • Update to RuboCop 0.50.0. (@bquorning)

1.16.0 (2017-09-06)

  • Add RSpec/FactoryGirl namespace including the first cop for factories: FactoryGirl/DynamicAttributeDefinedStatically. (@jonatas)
  • Add disabled by default RSpec/AlignLeftLetBrace. (@backus)
  • Add disabled by default RSpec/AlignRightLetBrace. (@backus)
  • Add RSpec/LetBeforeExamples cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/MultipleSubjects cop. (@backus)
  • Add RSpec/ReturnFromStub cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/VoidExpect cop. (@pocke)
  • Add RSpec/InvalidPredicateMatcher cop. (@pocke)
  • Change HookArgument cop to detect when hook has a receiver. (@pocke)
  • Add RSpec/PredicateMatcher cop. (@pocke)
  • Add RSpec/ExpectInHook cop. (@pocke)
  • RSpec/MultipleExpectations now detects usage of expect_any_instance_of. (@Darhazer)
  • RSpec/MultipleExpectations now detects usage of is_expected. (@bmorrall)

1.15.1 (2017-04-30)

  • Fix the handling of various edge cases in the RSpec/ExampleWording cop, including one that would cause autocorrect to crash. (@dgollahon)
  • Fix RSpec/IteratedExpectation crashing when there is an assignment in the iteration. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix false positive in RSpec/SingleArgumentMessageChain cop when the single argument is a hash. (@Darhazer)

1.15.0 (2017-03-24)

  • Add RSpec/DescribeSymbol cop. (@rspeicher)
  • Fix error when RSpec/OverwritingSetup and RSpec/ScatteredLet analyzed empty example groups. (@backus)

1.14.0 (2017-03-24)

  • Add RSpec/OverwritingSetup cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add autocorrect support for RSpec/LeadingSubject cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/ScatteredLet cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/IteratedExpectation cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/EmptyLineAfterSubject cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/EmptyLineAfterFinalLet cop. (@Darhazer)

1.13.0 (2017-03-07)

  • Add repeated 'it' detection to RSpec/ExampleWording cop. (@dgollahon)
  • Add [observed_nesting/max_nesting] info to RSpec/NestedGroups messages. (@dgollahon)
  • Add RSpec/ItBehavesLike cop. (@dgollahon)
  • Add RSpec/SharedContext cop. (@Darhazer)
  • RSpec/MultipleExpectations: Count aggregate_failures block as single expectation. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix ExpectActual cop flagging rspec-rails routing specs. (@backus)
  • Fix FilePath cop not registering offenses for files like spec/blog/user.rb when it should be spec/blog/user_spec.rb. (@backus)

1.12.0 (2017-02-21)

  • Add RSpec/InstanceSpy cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add RSpec/BeforeAfterAll for avoiding leaky global test setup. (@cfabianski)

1.11.0 (2017-02-16)

  • Add AroundBlock cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Add EnforcedStyle configuration for RSpec/DescribedClass cop. (@Darhazer)
  • Fix false positive for RSpec/RepeatedExample cop. (@redross)

1.10.0 (2017-01-15)

  • Fix false negative for RSpec/MessageSpies cop. (@onk)
  • Fix internal dependencies on RuboCop to be compatible with 0.47 release. (@backus)
  • Add autocorrect support for SingleArgumentMessageChain cop. (@bquorning)
  • Rename NestedGroups' configuration key from MaxNesting to Max in order to be consistent with other cop configuration. (@backus)
  • Add RepeatedExample cop for detecting repeated examples within example groups. (@backus)
  • Add ScatteredSetup cop for enforcing that only one before, around, and after hook are used per example group scope. (@backus)
  • Add ExpectOutput cop for recommending expect { ... }.to output(...).to_stdout. (@backus)

1.9.1 (2017-01-02)

  • Fix unintentional regression change in NestedGroups reported in #270. (@backus)
  • Change MaxNesting for NestedGroups from 2 to 3. (@backus)

1.9.0 (2016-12-29)

  • Add MessageSpies cop for enforcing consistent style of either expect(...).to have_received or expect(...).to receive, intended as a replacement for the MessageExpectation cop. (@bquorning)
  • Fix DescribeClass to not flag describe at the top of a block of shared examples. (@clupprich)
  • Add SingleArgumentMessageChain cop for recommending use of receive instead of receive_message_chain where possible. (@bquorning)
  • Add RepeatedDescription cop for detecting repeated example descriptions within example groups. (@backus)

1.8.0 (2016-10-27)

  • Optionally ignore method names in the describe argument when running the FilePath cop. (@bquorning)
  • Fix regression in how FilePath converts alphanumeric class names into paths. (@bquorning)
  • Add ImplicitExpect cop for enforcing should vs. (@backus)
  • Disable MessageExpectation cop in the default configuration. (@bquorning)

1.7.0 (2016-08-24)

  • Add support for checking all example groups with ExampleLength. (@backus)
  • Add support for checking shared example groups for DescribedClass. (@backus)
  • Add support for checking its from rspec-its. (@backus)
  • Add EmptyExampleGroup cop for detecting describes and contexts without any tests inside. (@backus)
  • Add CustomIncludeMethods configuration option for EmptyExampleGroup. (@backus)
  • Add NestedGroups cop for detecting excessive example group nesting. (@backus)
  • Add MaxNesting configuration option for NestedGroups cop. (@backus)
  • Add ExpectActual cop for detecting literal values within expect(...). (@backus)
  • Add MultipleExpectations cop for detecting multiple expect(...) calls within one example. (@backus)
  • Add Max configuration option for MultipleExpectations. (@backus)
  • Add SubjectStub cop for testing stubbed test subjects. (@backus)
  • Add LetSetup cop for detecting cases where let! is used for test setup. (@backus)
  • Change all cops to only inspect files with names following rspec convention (*/spec/* and/or _spec.rb). (@backus)
  • Add AllCops/RSpec configuration option for specifying custom spec file patterns. (@backus)
  • Add AssignmentOnly configuration option for RSpec/InstanceVariable cop. (@backus)
  • Add BeEql cop which looks for expectations that can use be(...) instead of eql(...). (@backus)
  • Add autocorrect support for BeEql cop. (@backus)
  • Add MessageExpectation cop for enforcing consistent style of either expect(...).to receive or allow(...).to receive. (@backus)
  • Add MessageChain cop. (@bquorning)

1.6.0 (2016-08-03)

  • Add SkipBlocks option for DescribedClass cop. (@backus)

1.5.3 (2016-08-02)

  • Add RSpec/NamedSubject cop. (@backus)

1.5.2 (2016-08-01)

  • Drop support for ruby 2.0.0 and 2.1.0. (@backus)
  • Internal refactorings and improved test coverage. (@backus)

1.5.1 (2016-07-20)

  • Fix unrecognized parameter RSpec/VerifiedDoubles:IgnoreSymbolicNames warning. (@jeffreyc)
  • Update to rubocop 0.41.2. (@backus)

1.5.0 (2016-05-17)

  • Expand VerifiedDoubles cop to check for spy as well as double. (@andyw8)
  • Enable VerifiedDoubles cop by default. (@andyw8)
  • Add IgnoreSymbolicNames option for VerifiedDoubles cop. (@andyw8)
  • Add RSpec::ExampleLength cop. (@andyw8)
  • Handle alphanumeric class names in FilePath cop. (@andyw8)
  • Skip DescribeClass cop for view specs. (@andyw8)
  • Skip FilePath cop for Rails routing specs. (@andyw8)
  • Add cop to check for focused specs. (@renanborgescampos, @jaredmoody)
  • Clean-up RSpec::NotToNot to use same configuration semantics as other Rubocop cops, add autocorrect support for RSpec::NotToNot. (@baberthal)
  • Update to rubocop 0.40.0. (@nijikon)

1.4.1 (2016-04-03)

  • Ignore routing specs for DescribeClass cop. (@nijikon)
  • Move rubocop dependency to runtime. (@nijikon)
  • Update to rubocop 0.39.0. (@nijikon)

1.4.0 (2016-02-15)


  • Fix auto correction issue - syntax had changed in RuboCop v0.31. (@bquorning)
  • Add RuboCop clone to vendor folder - see #39 for details. (@bquorning)


  • Ignore non string arguments for FilePathCop - thanks to @deivid-rodriguez. (@geniou)
  • Skip DescribeMethod cop for tagged specs. (@deivid-rodriguez)
  • Skip DescribeClass cop for feature/request specs. (@deivid-rodriguez)


  • Make RSpec::ExampleWording case insensitive. (@geniou)


  • Add RSpec::VerifiedDoubles cop. (@andyw8)


  • Drop support of ruby 1.9.2. (@geniou)
  • Update to RuboCop ~> 0.24. (@geniou)
  • Add autocorrect to RSpec::ExampleWording. This experimental - use with care and check the changes. (@geniou)
  • Fix config loader debug output. (@geniou)
  • Rename FileName cop to FilePath as a workaround - see #19. (@geniou)


  • Add autocorrect to RSpec::DescribedClass cop. (@geniou)



  • Update to RuboCop >= 0.23. (@geniou)
  • Add configuration option for CustomTransformation to FileName cop. (@geniou)


  • Gem is no longer 20MB (sorry!). (@nevir)
  • RspecFileName cop allows for method specs to organized into directories by class and type. (@nevir)


  • Update code to work with rubocop >= 0.19. (@geniou)
  • Split UnitSpecNaming cop into RSpecDescribeClass, RSpecDescribeMethod and RSpecFileName and enabled them all by default. (@geniou)
  • Add RSpecExampleWording cop to prevent to use of should at the beginning of the spec description. (@geniou)
  • Fix RSpecFileName cop for non-class specs. (@geniou)
  • Adapt RSpecFileName cop to commen naming convention and skip spec with multiple top level describes. (@geniou)
  • Add RSpecMultipleDescribes cop to check for multiple top level describes. (@geniou)
  • Add RSpecDescribedClass to promote the use of described_class. (@geniou)
  • Add RSpecInstanceVariable cop to check for the usage of instance variables. (@geniou)
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