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RuboCop Headquarters

We're committed to promoting the best Ruby programming practices and helping people write better Ruby applications.


  1. rubocop rubocop Public

    A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide.

    Ruby 12.5k 3k

  2. ruby-style-guide ruby-style-guide Public

    A community-driven Ruby coding style guide

    16.4k 3.4k

  3. rubocop-performance rubocop-performance Public

    An extension of RuboCop focused on code performance checks.

    Ruby 644 79

  4. rubocop-rails rubocop-rails Public

    A RuboCop extension focused on enforcing Rails best practices and coding conventions.

    Ruby 782 247

  5. rubocop-rspec rubocop-rspec Public

    Code style checking for RSpec files

    Ruby 782 268

  6. rubocop-minitest rubocop-minitest Public

    Code style checking for Minitest files.

    Ruby 123 43


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