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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Mar 18, 2019 · 123 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #6393: Add AllowBracesOnProceduralOneLiners option to fine-tune Style/BlockDelimiter's semantic mode. (@davearonson)
  • #6383: Add AllowBeforeTrailingComments option on Layout/ExtraSpacing cop. (@davearonson)
  • New cop Lint/SafeNavigationWithEmpty checks for foo&.empty? in conditionals. (@rspeicher)
  • Add new Style/ConstantVisibility cop for enforcing visibility declarations of class and module constants. (@drenmi)
  • #6378: Add Lint/ToJSON cop to enforce an argument when overriding #to_json. (@allcentury)
  • #6346: Add auto-correction to Rails/TimeZone. (@dcluna)
  • #6840: Node patterns now allow unlimited elements after .... (@marcandre)

Bug fixes

  • #4321: Fix false offense for Style/RedundantSelf when the method is also defined on Kernel. (@mikegee)
  • #6821: Fix false negative for Rails/LinkToBlank when _blank is a symbol. (@Intrepidd)
  • #6699: Fix infinite loop for Layout/IndentationWidth and Layout/IndentationConsistency when bad modifier indentation before good method definition. (@koic)
  • #6777: Fix a false positive for Style/TrivialAccessors when using trivial reader/writer methods at the top level. (@koic)
  • #6799: Fix errors for Style/ConditionalAssignment, Style/IdenticalConditionalBranches, Lint/ElseLayout, and Layout/IndentationWidth with empty braces. (@pocke)
  • #6802: Fix auto-correction for Style/SymbolArray with array contains interpolation when EnforcedStyle is brackets. (@pocke)
  • #6797: Fix false negative for Layout/SpaceAroundBlockParameters on block parameter with parens. (@pocke)
  • #6798: Fix infinite loop for Layout/SpaceAroundBlockParameters with EnforcedStyleInsidePipes: :space. (@pocke)
  • #6803: Fix error for Style/NumericLiterals on a literal that contains spaces. (@pocke)
  • #6801: Fix auto-correction for Style/Lambda with no-space argument. (@pocke)
  • #6804: Fix auto-correction of Style/NumericLiterals on numeric literal with exponent. (@pocke)
  • #6800: Fix an incorrect auto-correct for Rails/Validation when method arguments are enclosed in parentheses. (@koic)
  • #6808: Prevent false positive in Naming/ConstantName when assigning a frozen range. (@drenmi)
  • Fix the calculation of Metrics/AbcSize. Comparison methods and else branches add to the comparison count. (@rrosenblum)
  • #6791: Allow Rails/ReflectionClassName to use symbol argument for class_name. (@unasuke)
  • #5465: Fix Layout/ClassStructure to allow grouping macros by their visibility. (@gprado)
  • #6461: Restrict Ctrl-C handling to RuboCop's loop and simplify it to a single phase. (@deivid-rodriguez)


  • Add $stdout/$stderr and STDOUT/STDERR method calls to Rails/Output. (@elebow)
  • #6688: Add iterator? to deprecated methods and prefer block_given? instead. (@tejasbubane)
  • #6806: Remove powerpack dependency. (@dduugg)
  • #6810: Exclude gemspec file by default for Metrics/BlockLength cop. (@koic)
  • #6813: Allow unicode/display_width dependency version 1.5.0. (@tagliala)
  • Make Style/RedundantFreeze aware of methods that will produce frozen objects. (@rrosenblum)
  • #6675: Avoid printing deprecation warnings about constants. (@elmasantos)
  • #6746: Avoid offense on $stderr.puts with no arguments. (@luciamo)
  • Replace md5 with sha1 for FIPS compliance. (@dirtyharrycallahan)
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